Swatch To Release Its Very Own Touchscreen Smartwatch Next Summer

We've been seeing many smartwatches being launched lately, though they're being manufactured and launched by tech companies which weren't in watch business until now. Smartwatches aren't exactly your regular watches, but small computers on your wrists. Though smartwatches are still watches, even though telling time is not exactly their primary function and they do tons of other stuff doesn't mean they have to look completely different than regular watches. Many manufacturers are actually starting to realize that and they've began adapting their designs in order to appeal to regular consumers. It would be nice to see a regular watch manufacturers take on a smartwatch.

It seems like we might see just that soon. According to Swatch CEO Nick Hayek, Swiss company will introduce their very own smartwatch next summer. He gave a statement to Reuters, saying that Swatch won't be partnering up with an another established tech company in order to achieve this, they'll release their very own Swatch Touch smartwatch. "Technology alone doesn't sell, not in watches." Mr. Hayek said to Reuters. This device will probably include all smartwatch features that you might need, like step counter, Bluetooth syncing and capabilities along with a touchscreen, at least according to Reuters. Next to watches, Swatch Group also produces low-power microchips and batteries. As a side note, Swatch might even be indirectly included in the making of an iWatch, considering it looks like they supplied some of its components to Apple.

Smartwatches aren't exactly accepted by the general consumer just yet and companies like Swatch could really change that. Smartwatches from a known watch manufacturer could intrigue their interest, especially if Swatch gets the price right and their smartwatch truly resembles a regular watch. This could also open up great opportunities for this Swiss company and push them into a completely new market which they have to enter sooner or later, because let's admit it, smartwatches will replace regular watches in the near future whether we like it or not. Would you be interested in buying a smarwatch made by Swatch if they get the price right?

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