Supposed Leaked Screenshots Of The Motorola Nexus Surface

If there's one thing a fairly decent sized group of people can't wait to hear about officially, it's the next Nexus phone coming from Google. There have been a handful of leaks here and there about the device and more so within the last couple of days, but it isn't usually what we expect when it comes to leaks. Just the other day though we potentially got our very first look at what the new Nexus phone might look like, and that look just might be a slightly bigger version of the Moto X 2014. Save for the  power button and volume rocker that are allegedly placed lower than that of the Moto X. Just yesterday, we stumbled upon a leak of the supposed new Nexus sitting next to an LG G3, and the picture if anything divulged that the LG G3 was the smaller of the two phones. We know for a fact that the Moto X body dimensions are less than that of the LG G3, so the Moto phone in the image from yesterday is certainly not the Moto X.

It does looks like it though, and that further gives credence to the rumors about Motorola being the OEM behind the next Nexus phone, although some are still skeptical because no Nexus device has ever looked this similar to its reference unit, but there's a first time for everything right? In today's leak, we see some side by side images of screenshots of what appears to be the new Nexus phone, and you can tell that it looks like the Moto X, as well as the phone we saw sitting next to the LG G 3 from yesterday, but this time we get a view of the display in the "about phone" menu, listing AOSP or Shamu under the model number category, as well as Android L under the Android OS version and we can see the Android L based navigation buttons down at the bottom.

As Android Police points out, the device shows that it's also running a Google built kernel, which may be the biggest piece of identifying evidence here. Putting everything together of course sure makes the idea of this being the next Nexus phone compelling, but these are just leaks for now, just like the last couple of images we saw recently, so until we hear or see more, everything is speculation and subject to some changes. That being said, with this many leaks in this short amount of time, things can't be too far off. Rumors have been stating that we would see the new phone possibly in October, and that time is coming up fast. What do you make of this new image?

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