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Description: Sniper – Shooting Game 3D is pretty much exactly what you think it is, it's a shooting game for Android that features 3D graphics, including 3D weapon models and environments. Everything feels like an arvcade game here, with random baddies appearing for you to practice your shots on. Each different level will give you a new weapon to try out and while there isn't much of a storyline, each level does have objectives for you to complete as you make it your mission to kill all the bad guys. You can walk throughout the environments as you wish, allowing you to take cover and get a better shot. The controls feature one onscreen analogue pad to move and then a few buttons to fire, reload and aim down the sights of your equipped weapon.

How it Works: Just like other games available for Android, you'll need to download Sniper – Shooting Game 3D from the Play Store. Then, you're ready to play.


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After that, you're ready to start the first mission and defeat some bad guys.

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While there isn't much story going on here, each level does come with a number of different objectives for you to complete.

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Once you're in the game, the controls are fairly simple; with a drag on the left-hand side of the display moving your view and the same on the right-hand side of the display moving your view.


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Using the buttons on the right, you can both fire your gun, reload and aim down the scope of the gun to get a more accurate shot.

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Things do start off simple in Sniper – Shooting Game 3D, but before you know it you'll be using automatic weapons.


More than that though, you'll also be fighting off fierce animals, too.



Opinion: There's no shortage of high-quality first-person shooters on Android, with Dead Trigger 2 and the Modern Combat series being just a couple of them. Sniper – Shooting Game 3D isn't one of them, instead it's an independently created arcade game for those that just want a simple and fun shooting game. While the 3D assets here need a little work, the overall presentation is fairly decent, with some excellent sound effects and all the main details are covered, like recoil and muzzle flare. Still, with some work the game would easily look much better, but on the whole those looking for a simple shooting game shouldn't be disappointed.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs fine on both my tablet and smartphone with few stutters to be seen.
  • Features (3.5/5) – It is a little light on features, with no story mode in sight, but the game still plays like a cool arcade shooter nonetheless.
  • Theme (4/5) – While the 3D graphics could be of higher resolution, the animations are fairly good and the frame rate is always kept pretty high, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – A decent arcade shooter that's a good deal of fun, and with some extra work on the graphics Sniper – Shooting Game 3D could be a much more appealing shooter than it already is.


  • Lots of different weapons available here, from pistols to full automatic rifles.
  • Variety of enemies including fierce animals to contend with, too.
  • Control system is a little fiddly, but after a little while it becomes nice and easy to use.
  • Great for those looking for something that gets down to business without any fussiness.


  • 3D graphics do feel a little dated, but the frame rate is consistent and high.
  • No story will be nice for some but it would be a nice added touch to see some sort of story.

Conclusion: For those looking for a cool game that doesn't have much of a story, then Sniper – Shooting Game 3D is a good choice. However, if you were hoping for something like Modern Combat, then you might be a little disappointed. Still, Sniper – Shooting Game 3D is a fun game with a variety of weapons, decent graphics and some excellent sound effects. The arcade gameplay is satisfying and the game is free after all, giving you an opportunity to play a 3D shooter for nothing.



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