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Description: Run Robert Run is an arcade style game for Android that focuses on an endless runner style of gameplay. Robert the Scarecrow and his winged friend are on the run, an you need to help them judge jumps properly for them both. Is it safe to conserve energy with a small hop or fly high to avoid a fireball? That's the sort of decisions you'll need to make with Run Robert Run and the game is also built using some serious charm as well. The whole game features some charming music and cool cartoon graphics, with the ability to customize the look of our friend Robert, too.


How it Works: To start giving Robert a helping hand, you'll need to download Run Robert Run from the Play Store.

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When you first start playing, you're given a quick how to play screen that really doesn't take long getting down to exactly how to play, which is nice.


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The controls are fairly simple, but it can be a little counter intuitive that I have to tap again in order to go higher while flying.

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There are fireballs and other obstacles to avoid and well, if you don't then you'll end up as a tombstone and that's the end of your run.

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At the end of your run, you're given a number of coins as well as a score for how far you managed to keep going for.


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You can then use these coins to purchase different hats or faces for our friend Robert, like a spooky night hat.

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Opinion: As endless runners go Run Robert Run feels much like every other one out there, with some key differences. For one thing, the floating mechanic that you need to use relies on timing, which is something that features in other games, but not like this. Your own worst enemy is yourself here, with it being fairly easy to get carried away and thinking that you're more than invincible and that you can sort of "wing it". However, Run Robert Run is a difficult game and it can take a little while before you start posting scores higher than 300m. I like the ability to change the look of Robert, but I feel this is perhaps something for younger players more than anything else.


  • Speed (4/5) – Run Robert Run – pun intended – runs well on my devices and it's got a good pace to it as well.
  • Features (4/5) – I wish there was a little more to the overall gameplay, but it's still a lot of fun and you can customize Robert as much as you like, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – With lots of charm to it, Run Robert Run has some warming cartoon graphics and that gentle music is actually quite relaxing.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid endless runner game that might not reinvent the wheel, Run Robert Run is a fun game with some charming graphics and a relaxing pace.


  • Run Robert Run runs well, is easy to pick up and play and doesn't ask much from the player.
  • No need to spend any real money to customize Robert, as the game is fairly generous with gold coins.
  • Easy to pickup, but still quite challenging to post some really impressive scores.
  • Fans of games that rely on timing will really like Run Robert Run.


  • Can feel a little generic when compared to other endless runners, but it's still good fun.
  • Higher-resolution graphics would be a nice addition for tablets.

Conclusion: Run Robert Run is a good deal of fun and while it's not the most original concept out there for a game, this is no rip-off. What this is is a charming game that's just a lot of fun to play, it's still got a good challenge to it and it doesn't ask too much from its players. You can customize or friend Robert to make the game a little more fun and fans of endless runners will have one more, light-hearted choice to play.


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