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Description: Million Asteroids is a new type of puzzle game for Android that, unlike other puzzle games is set in space and also features fully animated graphics as well as a fun, cool storyline to it all. With Million Asteroids, you're tasked with clearing the dark cloud of Asteroids that are surrounding the planets of the Galaxy, to do this all you need to do is match them in sequence. So, you'll need to match the red asteroids with others of the same color and you'll also need to link powerups in order to meet your targets for each level before the time runs out. Take a look at the video below and read on to see what we thought of it.


How it Works: You'll need to download Million Asteroids from the Play Store before you get started, but then you're able to start saving the Galaxy.

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The game does a really good job of letting you know just how you can play the game, but as the game says all you need is one finger to play the game, which rings true throughout.


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One thing I liked about Million Asteroids is that different levels are split up across different stages, and each of them has their own layout of asteroids and characteristics to play with.

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When playing, all you need to do is to link the same colored asteroids together, and then these will be destroyed, adding to your score and helping clear the sky above each planet.

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From here, all you have to do is try and create a big link of similar colors.



The game features some excellent 3D effects and there's a lot going on when clearing each level.



Each level in each stage is different from the last and it all comes together to give Million Asteroids a good variety of challenges.


Opinion: There's a whole lot to like about Million Asteroids and if you're in the mood for a puzzle game that's more like an arcade game, then this is for you. The way the asteroids move fluidly and in different patterns from level-to-level keeps players on their toes and the graphics are really quite good. It didn't run as smoothly as I'd have liked on my tablet, but it looked good and with the vast amount of different powerups, different UFOs and such that there are to find in Million Asteroids it should keep players engaged for hours. I had a lot of fun with it and I liked that even though the game seems to be complicated, all you need is one finger and a sharp mind to enjoy it.



  • Speed (3.5/5) – Sadly, this didn't run as nicely as I'd have hoped, but that could have been my hardware.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking game that has some excellent effects, Million Asteroids does look good, but it can seem like there's a little too much going on at times.
  • Features (5/5) – As a puzzle game come arcade classic, Million Asteroids is a game that has a lot to offer players of all ages and skill levels, thanks to you only needing one finger to play.
  • Overall (4/5) – A classic game that feels fresh and has more depth to it than you think it would, Million Asteroids is definitely worth taking a look at.


  • Excellent puzzle fun with a futuristic, sci-fi twist to it that brings it all to life.
  • No need to spend time learning complicated controls, it's just one finger needed.
  • Cool-looking 3D graphics are really exciting and will give you some nice encouragement when you get a big chain or complete a level.
  • While easy to get into, Million Asteroids is a tricky game that will keep players on their toes without doubt thanks to the fluid movement of the Asteroids.


  • Can be a little slow at times, probably due to all those 3D elements on screen.
  • For some people, there might be a little too much going on at times.

Conclusion: Million Asteroids is a great game that's accessible to all, yet still a genuine challenge. The way that the asteroids move so fluidly and in different patterns ensures that the game is really quite challenging as you go through the different stages and levels. All of those cool 3D effects and explosions are certainly a lot of fun as well, with it being one of the better puzzle/arcade games I've played it quite some time.


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