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Description: Math Balloons Add Sub is a Math game for Android smartphones and tablets that helps little ones practice their math skills using modern technology/ It's both educational and fun giving kids the chance to practice their Math skills as they also have a little bit of fun. The balloons keep on falling with simple addition or subtraction equations in them, with it up to the player to say if they're true or false. Each level has a certain amount of time for kids to answer as many questions as possible and there's a variety of levels with each one getting a little more difficult. So, let's take a closer look, shall we?

How it Works: Just like other games, we'll need to download Math Balloons Add Sub from the Play Store. Once we've done that, we can go ahead and get started with the game. You can choose to play this in English, Spanish or even Arabic.


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Once you've chosen which language you want to play the game in, it's a good idea to take a look at the instructions which tell you just how to play.

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When playing the game, there's a grid of balloons in front of the player and each equation is laid out simply and is easy to read.

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To answer a question, all you need to do is to select one of the balloons and you'll be asked to choose whether or not the answer to the equation is true or false.


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If you answer correctly, the balloon will pop and you can move on to the next one. Get a question wrong more than 5 times and you'll sadly fail the level. In order to complete the level, you'll need to pop all of the grey squares.


Opinion: There are plenty of games out there for Android that can help little ones perfect their Math skills and unfortunately for Math Balloons Add Sub there's a lot of competition out there. Still, this is a fun game and it's good for repetitive practice, which is just what kids need in order to solidify the skills they've learnt in the classroom in a fun way. I would however, like a little more structure to just how each level is completed as it seems almost a mystery as to how you finish a level. Still, what matters here is that kids can use Math Balloons Add Sub in order to practice their skills and how to quickly add or subtract in their heads without much help. The game could look a little better, but it's colorful enough and kids should take it it just fine.


  • Speed (4/5) – Math Balloons Add Sub runs fine and there's no messing around to get going with the game.
  • Features (4/5) – The core concept is pretty simple, all the children need to do is to say if it's right or wrong and that's just fine. It's easy for them to pick up and play and it's great for practice. Some extra game modes would be nice to see, but it offers more than enough.
  • Theme (4/5) – Math Balloons Add Sub looks good and will be colorful for kids to get into and makes practicing Maths fun at long last.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid option that kids will really take to, Math Balloons Add Sub is fun and will definitely tax children's brains and help them solidifiy the skills they've learnt in class.


  • Colorful and fun, Math Balloons Add Sub will make it fun for kids to practice their Math skills.
  • No need to spend time with tricky controls, it's all about the Math skills.
  • Works well on tablets and smartphones alike.
  • Great for kids of all ages as nothing is too difficult, but will help kids get the real idea of addition and subtraction.


  • Only does addition or subtraction, a mix of division and multiplication would be nice to see, but these will be available in a separate title and the game does get quite challenging later on.
  • If your not familiar with Match 3 type games then it might seem a little open ended on how to actually complete each level, but kids pick it up soon enough.

Conclusion: Math Balloons Add Sub is definitely a good idea for kids that are either struggling with maths or just can't seem to come to the right answer quickly. It's colorful enough and there are lot of levels on offer, and the small price to pay gets you no pesky ads or anything else, which is nice for a kids game like this. Overall, Math Balloons Add Sub is a great practice tool and will really help kids perfect their addition and subtraction in a fun, simple and engaging manner.


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