Sponsored Game Review: Gold Miner



Description: Gold Miner is a game for Android that puts you in control of an old prospector looking for gold and anything else that'll make him money. It's a game mostly built around timing, and you need to collect enough money to meet the level's goals in order to progress to the next level. As Android games go, Gold Miner is perhaps something that will appeal more to casual games rather than those looking for their next big game. With colorful graphics and some engaging music in the background though, Gold Miner might be the arcade game that you've been waiting for.


How it Works: To get started prospecting, you'll need to first download Gold Miner from the Play Store.

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You'll be given a quick introduction on how to play the game and really, there's only a few things to remember which is nice.


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The claw will sway from side-to-side and when you tap on the screen it'll dive down into the pit at the angle you stopped it at.

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The idea is to pick up something of value to add to your total. To reach the next level, you'll need to go for the big pieces of gold, or see what's inside of those lucky bags.

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If you reach the next level, you'll be able to purchase powerups before you get start on your next collection of gold, a nice touch as well.


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Opinion: Gold Miner is certainly not what I'd call the most exciting Android game out there, but it is a nice bit of fun. It's a shame to see some low-resolution assets and fairly basic graphics here, but at least the game runs nice and smoothly and there's a natural progression, too. As you head on through the levels, you'll come across trickier situations, like picking a diamond out of a group of low-cost rocks. The powerups are a nice touch and really help you pull up those big-money chunks of gold and overall, it's just a nice and simple game that can be fun for all ages and skill levels.


  • Speed (4/5) – Gold Miner works well and runs on even low-end hardware nice and quickly.
  • Features (4/5) – It might not seem that fully-featured, but it's a lot of fun and will appeal to players of all ages, no matter their skill level.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – To see more high-resolution assets being used here would be nice, but there's certainly nothing wrong with how Gold Miner looks on either smartphone or tabelt.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid game that will appeal more to casual users and perhaps a younger audience, Gold Miner doesn't ask too much of the user and just delivers a fun and simple game to enjoy.


  • Gold Miner is nice and simple to pickup, making it good for younger players as well as older casual gamers, as well.
  • Natural progression as the levels get more difficult helps to deliver a challenging experience on the whole.
  • Powerups make a genuine change to how the game plays and can really help you bring the money in.
  • Has a nice rhythm to it once you get into it, and is nice and relaxing.


  • Higher-resolution graphics with a little more detail would be nice to see, especially for tablets.
  • Powerups are great, but a little too easy to buy if you have a good amount of money, with no need to choose wisely which one you need the most.

Conclusion: Gold Miner is a good bit of fun and if you're looking for something simple and appealing to all ages, then this will certainly fit the bill. It doesn't ask much of its players and it just works, right away without any need to spend time learning about pesky controls or something similar. The powerups are fun and while the graphics could look a little better, it's still a colorful and bright game that's a lot of fun.