Sponsored Game Review: Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague



Description: Bio Inc is an Android game that doesn't quite feel like others. As you've perhaps already guessed, Bio Inc is all about the human body and diseases that attack it, but rather than taking the role of a gallant Doctor, you're just trying to kill your patient with the most potent combination of ailments and diseases that you can come up with. You're given different patients with different temperaments each time, and you need to measure certain systems of their body and collect bacteria to build up Bio Points to evolve diseases and such. You have to race against not only the patient's nervous system, but also those pesky Doctors trying to help as well. Overall, it's a fun game and one that appears to be extremely addictive. So, is it? Let's find out.


How it Works: Bio Inc is a short download away from the Play Store, after that you can go ahead and get started, including taking a look at the trailer if you missed the YouTube video above.

2014-09-10 09.53.06


There are a range of temperaments to choose from, with the stars earned from each 'mission' being used to unlock them. You start off with an overweight smoker and there are more difficult challenges like a pro athlete available as well.

2014-09-10 09.53.53

You can name your victim as well, which is a nice touch I feel.


2014-09-10 09.54.12 (1)

You'll be greeted with measurements of all your patient's vitals on the left-hand side and you'll need to monitor these closely as they all need to be at 0% before you can complete the level.

2014-09-10 09.55.23


That green blob we can see in the shot above is a virus or group of bacteria and these need to be collected by tapping on them in order to accrue Bio Points.

2014-09-10 09.55.35

You can spend these Bio Points on evolving viruses and introducing new ones. Chris here is a smoker, so I'm going to hit him where it hurts, by attacking his Respiratory system.


2014-09-10 09.56.08

You'll see the effects of an evolved disease when you take a closer look at the vitals.

2014-09-10 09.59.08


Over time, you'll start to see your victim's vital signs decrease as you keep on piling on the diseases, and with more bio points you can really lay on the pain.

2014-09-10 10.04.00

My targeted attack however, wasn't enough as he soon went to the Doctor and then, he was rushed to the emergency room.


2014-09-10 10.05.10

In this situation, you have to kill your victim before his recovery hits 100%, and I was able to do just that.

2014-09-10 10.10.26

This is just a taste of the game however, and I'm looking forward to seeing if I can bright that Athlete down in less than 100 days, wish me luck.

Opinion: Bio Inc is quite frankly, a ridiculous concept for a game. And you know what, it works. I was genuinely laughing as I plotted a course to ruin our friend Chris' respiratory system here and when I realized that wasn't enough, I went straight for the heart. In a sick and twisted way, this is absolutely fascinating and the strategy side of things here is really quite accessible as well. For the smoker, I went for the lungs and then the heart, that was easy. However, the athlete I'll need to take off of his feet and slow his fitness down, so I'll go for the muscular and skeletal systems first, then moving on to the brain. These strategies come to you pretty easily when you're playing and all-in-all the game looks good, plays brilliantly and will put a big grin on your face.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs well and the pacing here works really nicely, giving you a longer session than other games, but nothing feels dragged out at all.
  • Features (5/5) – I had a whale of time while playing Bio Inc and I found that the strategy at work here is really easy to get into and the gameplay runs along nice and smoothly. Each different kind of person will offer you different challenges and the level up system is nice as well, with you having to figure out which path to take.
  • Theme (4/5) – Bio Inc looks good and sounds nice as well, with a consistent look and feel throughout.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – An excellent game for strategy fans as well as those just looking for something a little "out there". The gameplay is excellent and it looks good as well, a great bit of fun for sure.


  • Works well on smartphones and tablets, with some high-resolution graphics on hand to keep things nice and sharp.
  • A good game for those that like strategy games without wanting to play a stuffy RTS or something similar.
  • Overall, a pretty bonkers game that will have you laughing and plotting your next viral attack.
  • Good for those that want something a little more laidback, but just as exciting as other titles.


  • Can be a little glitchy at points, but it otherwise ran great for me.
  • Some levels can take a long time, but a lot of it depends on how quickly you can react to treatments.

Conclusion: Not for a long time, have I come across a game like this that has gotten be excited about strategy. Thinking about whether or not to give a victim lung cancer or attack their bone structure is, dare I say it, more fun than moving armies around. While I'm not so sure Bio Inc is to everyone's taste, making a game out of serious diseases is bound to upset some people, it doesn't take itself too seriously and at the end of the day, it's just a fun game. There's nothing gruesome about Bio Inc and it can be a great way of letting of steam and relaxing at the end of a hard day – being able to name your next victim as your boss is a lot of fun.