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Description: 101 Animal Puzzles is an Android game for kids that combines the fun of putting together puzzles with the fun of finding out about all sorts of different animals. It's a game that features well, a 101 different animal puzzles and it's one that's been specifically designed for little ones, rather than another simplistic puzzle game. 101 Animal Puzzles adapts to how well your little one is doing, and the puzzle pieces are also different colors with a verbal prompt to help kids practice their colors at the same time. It's free from ads, in-app purchases and the animals range from the more common barnyard animals to forest dwellers all the way up to dinosaurs. With a large variety of different animals on offer, let's take a looksee and play around with 101 Animal Puzzles. For more info about the developers, head on over to their website.


How it Works: You'll first need to download 101 Animal Puzzles from the Play Store before you can start playing. While it is a paid-for game, there's no ads or in-app purchases to worry about, and if you want to try it for free, you can play 21 Animal Puzzles for free. When you first launch the app, you'll see there's a main menu screen with a few options on it.

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One particular feature that caught my eye was the Grown-ups menu in the top-left corner that kids can't get to, as you need to push quite quickly a few times. Here, there are some interesting options that parents will find useful.


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A nice addition for me was that you can change the speech to be either UK English or US English, as a Brit myself I really enjoyed this feature, along with the adaptive difficulty, too.

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Choosing which puzzle group to play through is nice and simple as well, with all you need to do being to hit an animal, and you'll be taken to a group of puzzles from that group of animals.

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At first, things will start off fairly easily if you've decided to use the adaptive difficulty, with only a couple of pieces being need to complete a puzzle. Each piece is a different color, and the color is said aloud as well, helping your little ones practice their colors as well.


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Dragging the pieces together on the shadow will complete the puzzle and present your kids with the completed animal. The name of the animal is read out clearly and in a very welcoming, high-quality voice. You can touch the animal to hear its cry or call as well.

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I'm happy to see a consistent level of polish throughout when playing 101 Animal Puzzles, and with the adaptive difficulty on, the puzzles do get more challenging as your kids keep playing, which will definitely motivate them to keep on trying.

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Opinion: I've reviewed a decent amount of kids games over the years, and not all of them have been as…equal as others. While the vast majority of games aimed at younger kids on the Play Store are full of educational value and such, it seems to be that not a lot of them take into consideration that these games will actually be played by kids. Here, with 101 Animal Puzzles, the developer has done just that, the controls are easy to use, it's interactive in a simple and most importantly, obvious manner. The voiceovers are of high-quality, they sound natural and the whole game is alive with color and detail. If you were looking for a game to help your kids get interested in animals, then this is the one to do it. It's the one I would use, that's for sure.



  • Speed (4/5) – 101 Animal Puzzles runs nice and smoothly, with very few hiccups in between and I never came across an issue.
  • Features (5/5) – A game that has not only a good variety of puzzles on offer, but some meaningful settings for parents to tweak with, and some high-quality voiceovers, 101 Animal Puzzles has everything you could want.
  • Theme (4.5/5) – Everything here looks great, and the voiceovers sound natural and inviting. Color is used all over the place and will definitely keep kids occupied, that's for sure.
  • Overall (5/5) – A full game for kids that has everything you could want, with a small price tag, no in-app purchases and no ads, this is a game that understands what's good for kids and what they want in a game.


  • Easy to get started with, all of the controls and gameplay can be controlled by young kids with no issues.
  • 101 Animal Puzzles actually has some meaningful setting in it that parents will find useful.
  • Adaptive difficult keeps the game fresh and challenging, encouraging kids to keep on playing and keep on enjoying it.
  • Excellent, high-quality voiceovers will keep children engaged and they're very natural-sounding.


  • Some sort of storymode would be nice to see here.
  • A quiz to help test what kids have learnt would also be a nice feature.

Conclusion: 101 Animal Puzzles is a game for kids that was clearly designed for them, and that comes through with the attention to important details. Everything is colorful, and eye-catching, with voiceovers that aren't robotic at all. It's interactive and familiar for little ones to reach out and play the game for themselves, which obviously helps kids to learn much more than just glazing over a display. An excellent all-rounder that doesn't offer in-app purchases or ads of any kind, 101 Animal Puzzles is a game built for kids, not just aimed at them.


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