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Description: VPN One Click is an Android app that, as the name suggests is a super-simple VPN solution for mobile users. Or at least, that's the idea anyway. You can choose which country you want to connect as, say the United States or a specific country in Europe and beyond. The idea behind VPN One Click is of course to protect your privacy as virtual private networks are built to do, but it can also be a quick and simple way to connect to other sites and content that you wouldn't normally be able to. For instance, someone like myself in the UK could use this to access US-only websites with very little hassle. So, let's take a look and see how VPN One Click shapes up.


How it Works: You'll first need to download VPN One Click from the Play Store and then you'll be shown your actual IP and country and a list of other countries that you can connect from.

2014-09-28 10.24.50

As VPN One Click needs to intercept all of your network traffic in order to work properly, you'll need to allow this through the checkbox that appears as you choose your preferred network.


2014-09-28 10.25.01

I chose to connect to the United States and when it connected, I could access some quick settings from my notification tray.

2014-09-28 10.25.30


From here, I can configure the connection or disconnect nice and easily.

2014-09-28 10.25.38

There are some other settings as well, like the ability to check your IP address and such.


2014-09-28 10.28.49

While VPN One Click is free to download and use, after a few connections to different countries you'll need to subscribe to the service in order to connect to a specific country, however the subscription plans are fairly competitive.

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Opinion: After spending a little time with VPN One Click, I can certainly say that it works, and works well however, there isn't really much on offer that isn't available in other apps. Of course, the subscription model does work quite well here, and it's not very expensive. I'd rather pay for a few months or a year's worth of service and come across no problems instead of having to manage a few hours here and a few hours there. Overall, I wish that VPN One Click had a more appealing UI, but it's quick and easy to navigate, I just wish there were fewer social media badges in the UI. It works well, doesn't cost too much and is nice and simple to use – what more could we want?


  • Speed (4/5) – I didn't notice any slowdowns when using VPN One Click and the app runs nice and smoothly.
  • Features (4/5) – It might not have much on offer that you can't get elsewhere, but it's really simple, doesn't cost too much and does the job.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – This is where I wish VPN One Click was a little more up-to-date, as the UI is a little simple with just one row of options and it could be laid out a little nicer.
  • Overall (4/5) – VPN One Click works like a treat and while you do have to pay a subscription fee to use it from there on, it's pretty inexpensive and does exactly what it's supposed to do.


  • Genuinely works as you'd think it would, with very little hassle in between.
  • Doesn't cost too much as a dedicated VPN solution.
  • Won't slow down your network speed, but it does work a little better on WiFi than on a mobile network.
  • Offers a good selection of different countries to connect to


  • UI is really quite simplistic and could do with a more modern look.
  • Doesn't offer anything that isn't available elsewhere, really.

Conclusion: VPN One Click is an app that does exactly what you think it does, and doesn't ask too much from its users and while it is a paid-for subscription model, it's still quite affordable and will offer users security, privacy and the ability to connect from other countries all over the world. As VPN solutions go, One Click is easily one of the most simple solutions out there and it really is painless.


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