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Description: Trustlook Antivirus is yet another Antivrus and Mobile Security app for Android that aims to protect its users online as well as protect their device from potentially harmful apps that are already installed on your device. It offers all the usual features you'd expect from such an app, like a virus scanner, a task manager to help speed up your device, a smoother way of managing your apps and a way to keep quick and easy tabs on what apps have what access to your location or your internet history. It's an app designed to offer full protection while online and off, making Trustlook one of the more fully featured Antivirus apps out there. So, just how good is it?

How it Works: You'll first need to download Trustlook from the Play Store, then you can go ahead and start it up.




The first thing you'll notice is that Trustlook knows how many apps you have installed and it's a good idea to scan your device and all of those apps before you do anything else. I was pretty surprised to see that I was in the all-clear, but that's what Trustlook has told me.




I want to know more about the apps installed on my tablet though, so I'm going to take a look in the privacy settings and see what has access to what.


2014-09-15 19.19.17

Using the location tab, I can see what apps have access to my location, and I was pretty surprised to see that one of my favorite games needed to know where I was in the world, despite having no features at all that would need such information. Sadly, I was unable to change this using Trustlook.

2014-09-15 19.19.38


Elsewhere, you'll find the task manager that you can use to close apps and give your phone a quick little boost, but beware that these apps will probably open again in the background.

2014-09-15 19.19.54

One thing I did really appreciate, was the ability to quickly uninstall more than one app at a time, speeding things up quite a bit without the need to be rooted or anything like that.


2014-09-15 19.20.18

While it didn't catch any of my apps, Trustlook is great for pointing out those apps that aren't quite what they pretend to be.

trustlookwallpa (1)


Opinion: Trustlook Antivirus and Mobile Security might not be the utmost best virus scanner out there, but it seems pretty comprehensive to me and there's a whole bunch of different settings available that give you enough information to make an informed decision about apps you have installed on your device. I particularly liked the ability to uninstall more than one app at a time as well as being able to see which apps have access to my location and other such permissions. Being able to deny those apps said rites would have been a nice added feature, but it doesn't look like I am able to do that from within Trustlook. Overall though, it's simple to use and will suit the vast majority of users' needs without being difficult to use or anything like that.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything runs nice and smoothly here as you might expect and there's no need to wait around when using Trustlook.
  • Features (4/5) – With all of the features you'd expect from an Antivirus app as well as some convenient extras and a comprehensive online suite, Trustlook is a decent Antivirus offering.
  • Theme (4/5) – Everything looks good and the UI is nice and easy to use with it being great for those of all ages.
  • Overall (4/5) – Trustlook is a decent offering overall and will help you keep an eye on what your apps have access to, as well as uninstall those apps that are trying to pull wool over your eyes.


  • Looks good and is easy to use, even for those that don't spend much time with Android apps.
  • Great for keeping an eye on your installed apps and will help find those that shouldn't be draining your battery or getting access to permissions they don't need.
  • Web suite will help you stay safe while browsing the web from your device as well, which is a real nice touch.
  • Works great if you're looking for a nice and simple all round application to keep you safe.


  • Task manager feels more like a placebo effect.
  • Doesn't look particularly good on tablets.

Conclusion: All-in-all, Trustlook is a great alternative to others out there and really helps people clean up their devices and stop certain apps running amuck on people's tablets and smartphones. It's a shame that you can't block out apps from the permissions they already have here, but on the whole it runs well, protects those of all ages while browsing the web and looks good while doing it.


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