Sponsored App Review: Morning Kit


Description: Morning Kit is a new type of app for Android that combines your alarms you need to wake up at the right time everyday with the information that you want every morning in the same place. You can configure different panels to create a sort of start screen for your day, with information like the Weather, a World Clock, a simple exchange rate panel and more. With a number of different themes as well as panels you can use to create your ideal set of widgets to start your day right, Morning Kit is designed for those that want to wake up with all the information they need to start their day right, and help people get out of bed on the right side.


How it Works: Morning Kit needs downloading from the Play Store before you can get started, and then the app will give you a little walkthrough of what the app has to offer.

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Once you've gone through the tutorial, you'll be able to take a look at the preconfigured Morning Kit, and while it's useful of course, the real fun is in customizing it to your needs.


2014-09-14 15.38.37

Customizing the Morning Kit is pretty simple, and while it is a small in-app purchase to unlock some of the panels and features, it's well worth it if you like what Morning Kit has to offer.

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I really appreciate the Google News integration as I often check the news as soon as I wake up. But I also added some more to my panel and even changed the theme, too. So now, I have the world clock showing me New York time, a countdown to an important birthday and the Weather. All of these things sound trivial, but it's a real help in the morning when you're getting started with your day.

2014-09-14 15.42.14

As well, setting alarms is nice and simple, too.


2014-09-14 15.39.17

After some playing around, I have a Morning Kit full of panels and my needed alarms set up with a lovely theme that works brilliantly, it's really nice to wake up and have all the information and data I need and is a great start to my day.

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Opinion: Morning Kit is a great app for those that live busy lives and have their smartphone at the heart of their digital life. If your phone is the first thing that you can race to when you wake up in the morning, then this will help you get up and on your way to work in a more calm, and efficient manner. Being able to set yourself a little note before you go to sleep that you'll see in the morning when you wake up is really great and I love being to see what time it is in the States, too. You can choose from all sorts of things, like Flickr, your own photo library and more, making it really easy to create a Morning Kit to help you start your day just as you'd like.


  • Speed (4/5) – Morning Kit runs great and there's no need to wait around for things here.
  • Features (5/5) – A simple blend of helpful features like a forecast, a memo, currency conversions or your calendar for the upcoming day. It's easy to use, works well and will get you out of bed better than before.
  • Theme (4/5) – I love the different themes included in Morning Kit, but I wish there were more of them available here.
  • Overall (4/5) – If your phone is your go-to device in the morning, then Morning Kit can help you get out of bed on the right side and make sure you get all the information you need in a timely manner, and it looks good while it does it.


  • Works great for those that need to know key facts or figures before they head into work.
  • Great alarm app, but also much more than that, offering you a way to get more info before you head out the door.
  • Easy to customize your panels with a simple UI that's nice and straightforward.
  • Different themes can really help the app match your style and will make it more likely for a lot of people to use it.


  • A free and paid version might be preferable for those that dislike in-app purchases.
  • More themes available would help mix things up after a while.

Conclusion: Morning Kit is a great way to start your day off right, rather than end up missing key pieces of info and wake up in a bad mood, you can use Morning Kit to check the weather, check the news and more from the same app that helped you get up on time. It might not be for everyone, but if your phone is your go-to device in the morning, then Morning Kit can help you make the most out of your smartphone. It's customizable to what you want and it sure looks good as well, with nice, gentle colors to look at in the morning. Overall, this is a good app for those that want more info before they head out the door and it works well.