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Description: MoboMarket is an app store from the same team behind the useful all-in-one management tool MoboRobo. MoboMarket brings users the hottest new apps and games in an easy to use, and easy to navigate user interface. We all love apps, and MoboMarket has tons of them that are available at your fingertips whether you're looking for high end games or simply productivity tools to help you get things done. The easy and intuitive user interface is just like you'd find in the Google Play Store, and there's all kinds of apps and games to suit every taste. It isn't just an app store though as it also provides a handful of other useful tools that are built right into it. MoboMarket is a one stop app store that aims to provide anything you need.

How It Works: The first thing you'll want to do before you can get your hands on some really great apps is head over to the MoboRobo website and grab the download file for the MoboMarket. The app will have to be sideloaded onto your device, but you can use MoboRobo's all-in-one management tool to get the job done and install it for you.

MoboMarket has all kinds of app and games, and everything is tucked into an easy to use interface with header categories and sections to make things easier to find. There are navigation buttons down at the bottom of the app that can navigate you to the Focus, Apps, Games, Custom, and General sections.

Each tab has a specific purpose and seeks to provide with you a narrowed down grouping of items. Focus tab for example does just that, it focuses on the top apps and games that can be found within the MoboMarket. The apps tab will be filled just apps, separated into categories of featured, latest, and then broken down into categories. The games tab is laid out in exactly the same way as the apps tab, but with games.

MoboMarket also has a custom tab which is filled with Mobo custom themes and all kinds of wallpapers, with tons of different categories like games, food, design, summer, and funny just to name off a few.

The general tab is pretty much where you'll go to find all your settings for the MoboMarket app, plus a handful of useful tools like a QR code scanner, a system cleaner, and an app manager to help you manage your apps that are already downloaded and installed onto your device as well as the ones you download from within MoboMarket.

Since there's a built in app manager included with MoboMarket, updating or uninstalling existing apps is easy to and can be done right from within the MoboMarket. In the general tab, you can also see how much storage you have left so you can keep on top of anything else you download.

Opinion: MoboMarket definitely has tons of apps and games to download and install, many of them which you can find in other app stores like the Play Store as well. The interface made things easy to find and navigation through the app was simple without complication. You can drag down to refresh the list of apps and swiping left or right scrolls through the pages. I found the app manager to be of great use, and the system cleaner was also nice a touch.


  • Speed (4/5) - App navigation was pretty fluid, and there didn't seem to be any lag or stutter when using MoboMarket
  • Features (5/5) - Tons of features for an app market. Lots of apps and games with an easy way to find what you want(i.e. swipe down to refresh)and the addition of help full app and system management tools was a plus.
  • Theme (4.5/5) - The market is designed well and everything looks clean. Nothing feels cluttered in any way and visually the app looks great.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - A great alternative app market that has tons of the same top apps and games as the Play Store and other markets. Built in tools give this market some more function than the others which people should find useful.


  • Lots of apps and games to choose from, many of them top apps and games
  • Easy to navigate through the market to find stuff
  • Built in tools like app management for update/uninstall, system cleaner, and QR code scanner


  • Some people may not feel a need to have two app stores on their device

Conclusion: If you're looking for a one stop app that can provide you with access to tons, and tons of apps and games that also has built in tools to help you manage them, than MoboMarket is that app market. With an easy to navigate user interface people should find it simple to find what they and install it quickly, and just like they should be familiar with they'll be able to launch the app or game from the app page within MoboMarket. If people don't like a particular app they can simply tap on the general tab and uninstall it from the app manager, than briefly view how much storage they have left on their device. MoboMarket is first and foremost a market that provides users with apps, games, themes, and wallpapers, but it offers more than just app downloads, which is why it's a great app for anyone.Download it here.

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