Sponsored App Review: iGenApps Apper

September 18, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Description: Apper is an Android app from iGenApps, a new platform that helps people that otherwise would have no idea where to start build their own mobile applications. Apper helps people who don’t know how to code create the app of their dreams using nothing but their Android device and an internet connection. While Apper isn’t going to help you design a game, it’s not built for that. Instead, it’s designed to help you create content-driven apps that could help promote your business or give users a point of reference. The apps that Apper can create might not take the Play Store by storm, but they can be an excellent way for you to complete your brand or give users a database or app to take a look at your products. Besides, the iGenApps service is much more than just Android apps, as you can create apps for Windows Phone 8 devices, Kindle Fire devices as well as iOS and Android devices.

How it Works: Unlike other apps, Apper and iGenApps takes a little more setting up than your average Android app. Of course, it still starts with downloading Apper from the Play Store. Then, you’ll need to choose your language and create an iGenApps account.

2014-09-13 14.05.21

From there, you’ll be asked to put together some basic info about the app you want to create, a good description is always important.

2014-09-13 14.07.26

Apper neatly takes you through the process of creating an app full of your content and you can easily add different types of content to your app following Apper’s five easy steps to creating your own mobile app. You can choose to add in a media player, with links to your advertisements or to helpful content. Either way, the choice is yours and there’s a good variety of modules available when creating your app.

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To get a better feel of how to make apps with iGenApps and how to host them or even pay for a full native version, you can always take a look at their website for more info. Everything is here that you’d want however, like the ability to add in social media connectors.

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It’s difficult to show myself building an app when no two people would use Apper the same way, so it’s much better to go ahead and try the app out for yourself and see what you can do. It’s free to try out and you can even build a preview of your app without spending a penny, allowing you to show it off to colleagues or friends before you spend any money on your new app.

Opinion: I review apps all the time, and while using Apper on Android, I found that the process was more than a little fiddly. You have to type in everything by hand on your smartphone, which will be annoying to a lot of users. Still, you could always connect a Bluetooth keyboard and type in your content like that. Of course, I’m not like a lot of people and I would rather do this sort of thing on a PC. However, for the majority of people their smartphone is how they get a lot of their most important work done, so why not use it to create an app? For a significant group of people, there’s no need to even own a laptop or PC, so Apper helps those create an app without the hassle of needing a computer. You could use Apper to create something like a database for your firm, an interactive How To for your new employees or really whatever you want. If you can put in the time and effort to get your ideas into an app, Apper can help you make it a reality.


  • Speed (4/5) – Apper runs well, with it only taking 5 steps to get your app looking like something you’d give to other users.
  • Features (5/5) – This has to be one of the better uses of the mobile technology we carry around with us day-to-day, offering you all the tools you need to create a great app for Android, Kindle Fire devices, Windows Phone 8 and even iOS. Apper is packed with so many options you’ll probably wonder whether or not it’s really possible to do all of this from a phone.
  • Theme (4/5) – The interface here works well here and all of the menu options and such on offer for the app you’re going to create are all easy to use and they look good, too.
  • Overall (5/5) – For those thinking about creating an app for their brand for the first time, there’s little reason not to give Apper a try. You can give it a go for free and with so many different options available, Apper can help you create the app of your dreams right from the phone that you’ll be using it on.


  • Nice and straightforward for users of all ages, with plain English used throughout the whole process.
  • Apper is a great way of showing people just what an app could do for their brand, organization or how much fun it can be creating a smartphone app.
  • Prices to host an app are affordable and iGenApps will even offer a way of getting a native app into the Play Store.
  • Good for those on a budget and those that don’t want to get dragged into the confusing market of app development.


  • Only really works for creating apps where you want to display static content, but by adding social networks like Twitter and Facebook your users can interact.
  • Some more guidance when choosing menus and different parts of your app would be appreciated.

Conclusion: Apper works just as iGenApps says it does, it can truly help you design and build content-driven applications for Android as well as iOS, Kindle Fire devices and even Windows Phone 8 devices, right from the device in your pocket. It’s a shame that these apps are mostly a display of content, rather than something more interactive, but for a lot of business and first-time users, that’s exactly what they’re looking for. On the whole, iGenApps’ Apper is an excellent Android app, which is also available for iOS, that offers you so many options that anyone can start creating an app, and it’s presented in a fun, plain manner for everyone to enjoy at their own pace.