Sony Z3 Compact Shatters Records With At Least Two Day Battery Life


Sony's recent flagship release schedule has been heavily criticized by many, and for good reason.  Releasing new flagships every six months gives people little time to upgrade their phones to the latest and greatest, but most importantly the differences between Sony's last three flagship phones has been very little.  That is until now of course when the Z3 and Z3 Compact entered the scene, promising all sorts of new goodies under the hood for us to play with.  Looks like Sony wasn't kidding either, as the new display tech is not only supposed to be fantastic but the battery life on these phones breaks records for not just Android phones, but smartphones in general.

The Z3 is no slouch in the battery life department, the Z3 Compact is the winner here, showing over 10 hours 2 minutes of on-screen time in Phone Arena's extensive battery life tests.  But 10 hours of on-screen time isn't two days you ask, right?  Here's how to interpret that number: most phones can only do around four to five hours of usage where the screen has been on and the phone was being used.  In a normal 15-20 hour day most people would probably use their phone about that much, and that's where the two day usage comes from.  Standby is phenomenal on these devices too so leaving it uncharged overnight will drop your battery only a handful of percentage points at the most, saving it for the next day.


But what if you wanted to go even longer than that?  At 40% Sony's new Ultra STAMINA mode was turned on and the phone lasted for over four days total, which means turning Ultra STAMINA mode on when the battery was full could even result in a full week's worth of battery life.  This is all done on a paltry 2,600mAh battery that most phones would die at the end of the first day with, much less a week later.  Of course Ultra STAMINA mode comes with some tradeoffs and disables nearly every app but the most basic ones, as well as leaves you with no wallpaper or anything pretty happening on the phone like animations.  The price of week-long battery life has to come with tradeoffs though, and it wouldn't be surprising to see plenty of people using this just to not worry about charging their phones.

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