Sony Xperia Z3 System Dump Makes All Z3 Wallpapers Available For Download

12 Xperia Z3 Copper Angle Buttons1

With all the new devices coming to market just around the corner, that not only means that we’ll soon be able to get our hands on some new tech, but it also means that until then, we’ll at least be able to get a hold of all the goodies that come on those devices, like say, wallpapers for example. In this case we’re talking about the Sony Xperia Z3, and the full suite of high resolution wallpapers that we have available for download. The wallpapers were just recently leaked online, so if you’re someone that gets by waiting for a new phone by styling your current device up with wallpapers, ringtones and other features of your new coveted handset, we at least have you covered on the wallpapers front.

The Sony Xperia Z3 is due to hit major markets this Fall, and it has been confirmed to land on at least one U.S. Carrier network with T-mobile being that carrier, also with a Fall release although not necessarily at the same time as elsewhere that Sony has planned for a launch. It is also rumored to be getting released onto two other networks so far here in the U.S., with Sprint and Verizon Wireless being those possibilities. Only T-Mobile has been confirmed at this point, so take those other two with grains of salt. Although, if Sony were to launch the device onto multiple networks it would surely do them some good in getting more U.S. market exposure, something that they sorely and unfortunately lack in the smartphone and mobile device department currently.

You can expect most of these wallpapers to be repeats of stuff we have seen on past Sony Xperia devices, but Sony has added in some fresh new screens here as well and some of them are actually quite stunning. There are few that also remind us of the backdrops for the PS4 and PS Vita handheld systems, which is just fine for wallpapers in our book. If you want to grab the full resolution wallpapers for yourself, you can do so by hitting the link here.