Sony Confirms European And UK Prices For Z3, Z3 Compact, And Tablet Z3 Compact

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With all the fuss over the Sony Xperia Z3 and other flagships/devices this morning there have been a few untouched subjects that are fairly important when it comes to these new products. In this case, we’re talking about the prices of the Sony Xperia Z3. Thus far there hasn’t been any prices listed for the U.S. release, which has been confirmed for a launch date of later on in the final months of this year. That could mean next month or it could mean November/December, in either case we don’t have a long wait behind the rest of the world this time around which is great. As for prices in other regions, more specifically some of the launch regions in Europe, we have those price confirmations thanks to GSM Arena.

While we wait for the U.S. price confirmation, those in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK all have official prices to go off of. So if you reside in one of those countries you know what to look forward and how much this new phone will set you back if you’re looking at attempting to pick one up for your next device. The Xperia Z3 features many of the same great things we know of the past couple of Xperia Z series phones, which are the 20.7MP rear camera, the IP waterproof rating, and the beautiful TRILUMINOS display. It also sports a brand new Remote Play feature for Xperia devices, the first of any device to offer this,(and to clarify Remote Play itself is not new, but its availability on Xperia devices is)which lets you play your PS4 games on any Z3 device.

For all that the phone offers, residents in Germany are looking at paying â‚¬649, while residents in France are looking at coughing up â‚¬679, with Spain and Italy both offering the device up for sale at a price of â‚¬699. If you live in the UK like our resident brit Tom Dawson, £549 is the amount of money you’ll be parting with to get your hands on Sony’s latest and greatest. At £549, the conversion puts this price for the U.S. market at around $900, although that probably won’t be the official retail cost when the phone gets priced for the U.S. and we can probably expect it to be lower than that, especially since T-Mobile will be offering the phone on their network.

Sony has also made the European prices of the rest of the Z3 family of devices available as well, which includes the Z3 compact, and the Tablet Z3 compact. The Z3 compact will cost â‚¬499 in all four European countries listed above, and in the UK it’ll end up at £429. For the Tablet Z3 compact, there are three models listed, the 16GB and 32GB WiFi only models, and the LTE model. The 16GB model is priced the same in three of the European regions listed. Italy which will charge €399, and it will be €379 in the other three countries. In the UK, expect to pay £329. For the 32GB model, Italy once again has a slightly higher cost at â‚¬449, while the price is â‚¬429 in Germany, Spain, and France, and in the UK this same model is £379. The last model, which is LTE capable and has 16GB of internal storage, will cost â‚¬499 in Italy, â‚¬479 in Germany and Spain with no mention of a French release yet, and in the UK residents will have to pay £429. We’re still waiting on pricing and release confirmation for the U.S. on the rest of the Z3 family so we’ll just have to sit tight on those details for now.