The Smart Home Just Got Smarter Thanks To The Partnership Between Revolv Ans IFTTT

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There is now a decent number of ways to make your home a smart home, and Revolv has been one of those options for a little while now. They have just announced a new partnership between their company and popular app IFTTT which extensively opens up the web services capabilities of Revlov and their products, making your smart home even smarter. Revlov makes it easy to take smart home connected devices and unify them together with one single app, and IFTTT should bring a significant set of new abilities to the setup since its job is basically connecting different apps together via commands known as recipes.

Through use of these recipes, consumers will be able to trigger actions or tasks through their favorite web services, and their favorite Android Apps, like Facebook, Twitter, and of others using their Revlov smart home setup and Revolv application. All of this will be possible through the new “Revolv Channel” that is coming to IFTTT, although the channel won’t be live till the end of this month so there is still a little bit of a wait to be able to use these new functions. A little waiting never hurt anyone though. If you’re someone who already uses IFTTT but don’t have any Revolv products, you might consider looking into them now that there is a compatibility between the two.

Revolv states that this will further enrich the way they use the connected devices in their smart home, using the example that if a user has products like the SONOS music speakers and Phillips Hue Lights installed, the user would be able to pause their music and alter the lighting of the Hue lights to better set for a more relaxing mood or ambiance should they receive an incoming call. That is merely one example of course and there are many other products that work with Revlov and can be connected through IFTTT. Imagine your favorite song comes on a Pandora radio station, and you’re doing some spring cleaning in the summer time. During the summer it can get hot, and you might want to cool things down so you don’t get overly heated while you clean.  You could turn up the volume through something like SONOS and then have IFTTT turn down the temperature via the Nest thermostat while you work to clean around the house, and rock out while you do it.