Say Goodbye To The Original Moto X As Motorola Begins To Discontinue Availability

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All things must come and go. Eventually, the dying days of older model smartphones and other electronics must come to pass, and such is the case of the original Moto X that Motorola launched last year. The original 2013 model of the device had a great run with plenty of satisfied customers, and the Moto Maker feature which allowed customers to customize their very own phone probably had a huge part in the success of the product and the satisfaction of the customers who bought it. As we all know by now though, Motorola has already announced officially their brand new Moto X, and with the launch of the device just around the corner we’re seeing Motorola putting together one more step in preparation which is discontinuing the purchase availability of the OG Moto X.

You can hop on over to the Moto Maker website and be met with a message that Motorola announced the Moto X 2nd generation, and Motorola “hopes that you love it even more.” You can still apparently pick up the Verizon model Moto X as well as the GSM based Developer Edition, however those will surely disappear in a short period of time just like the original. It’s a sad thing to see such a great device get put out to pasture as they say, but with a closed door another one usually opens up, and in this case that would be the ever so close launch of the new Moto X.

There has already been plenty seen and heard about the new Moto X, with a special thanks to our own Alex Maxham who not only had the pleasure of going to the Motorola announcement event for the device to see things first hand, but also was able to review it which you can check out here. The old Moto X will most likely still find its way into the hands of consumers through Ebay, Swappa and maybe a couple of other sites, but the time for the new is now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way as we love the new device that Motorola wants to put into our hands. Have you owned or do you still own an original Moto X? If so will you be upgrading to the 2nd Gen model?