Samsung's John Pleasants Discusses Future Of Galaxy Apps And MSCA


Samsung has been known for many things, from cloning iPhones and selling more in the process to making so many phones in one design that people couldn't tell them apart.  The problem with Samsung is its load of included software, on top of its software features and OS customizations.  The famous, and now often-unused, Samsung App Store, known as Samsung Apps, was rebranded at the launch of the Galaxy S5 in April, to hold the name Galaxy Apps.  But what, oh what, could keep Samsung holding onto their app store?

First, as a background and setting for the store that Samsung has installed by default on all Galaxy devices, Galaxy Apps is not something many people use, simply because it requires a Samsung account.  Many people do not have a Samsung account, and that pushes them away from it.  Many if not all of the non-Samsung apps are available through Google Play, which anyone buying an Android will access (since it requires the Gmail or Google account that actually sets the phone up completely.  Since Samsung has an app store that so few people use, why do they insist on keeping it around?  Could they possibly even change something to make it less useless to most users? John Pleasants, of the MSCA (Media Solutions Center America), thinks that the app store, Galaxy Apps, has changed greatly to tailor to one specific thing and that's Samsung.  That sounds odd, so let me clarify.  Samsung Apps was meant to provide apps that Samsung thought were a good fit for their Galaxy devices.  Galaxy Apps does much the same, but has been redesigned in both aesthetics and interface.  Pleasants claims that the storefront will soon improve even further, and further increase its value to customers.  The Galaxy Apps store includes apps selected by Samsung that will enhance the user experience on Samsung's hardware and software, but changes are in the works.


The changes to speak of are not named or even specified, but know this: it could include S Apps and the Galaxy Apps' non-Samsung contents.  Pleasants mentioned how the changes will come in the form of new apps from MSCA, but ones that "are meaningful and move the dial".  What can we expect?  Well, we can hope that they don't force apps on our Samsung Galaxy devices, external storage or not,  but include some genuinely useful and great apps and features to make Galaxy devices the kings that many believe them to be.

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