Samsung's Gear Blink The Alternative To Google Glass May Arrive March 2015


One of the most anticipated aspects of this year's IFA was the Samsung Unpacked event. This in short was Samsung's springboard for all its latest releases and overall, did not disappoint. We saw the launch of the Next revolution of the Note series with the Galaxy Note 4 and were surprised by the launch of a second Note device, the Samsung Note Edge. We also expected to see Samsung's next generation of smartwear. Again Samsung did not disappoint with the launch of Samsung's Gear S. Lastly, we were also expecting a few other announcements which were a little more outside the box and this was again fulfilled with the launch of Samsung's virtual reality unit, Gear VR. However, one rumoured device we were hoping to see at IFA was the Galaxy Gear Blink and unfortunately on this occasion, the rumor was not realized.

For those of you unfamiliar with Samsung's Galaxy Gear Blink there is only one real way to explain the device. In very short terms, this is Google Glass but made by Samsung. Yes folks, this is Samsung's direct alternative to the established Glass by Google. It was desperately hoped that Blink would make an appearance at IFA as really there is no obvious alternatives to Glass with most companies strictly focusing on playing it safe with smartwear like smartwatches. However, Samsung in contrast seem to be willing to take on all aspects of smartwear and smart technology. Not happy with simply an array of handsets, smartwatches and even virtual reality units Samsung also want a share of the glass wear market too. Now if the rumors are true (and it is worth remembering they not always are) then Blink will really be an interesting device. In particular what Blink will be capable of. For instance, recently it seems Samsung has filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) for augmented reality in which users (wearing Blink) will be able to physically type in the air. The glasses literally project a virtual keyboard which the user can type upon and the glasses interpret. With this sort of technology in the works Blink looks set to be (at the very least) worth an in-depth look. It is also worth remembering Samsung will launch Blink on their own Tizen operating system. This combined with the actual unit will be a real contender for both smart headwear and also Android Wear.


However after the lack of a presence at IFA the question is when? Well, unnamed "industry sources" have suggested that it is likely Blink will make its debut in 2015 and more specifically in march. It has also been suggested that this will be when Samsung host their next event (Samsung Galaxy S6) which does lend some support to the rumor Blink will be debuted. However, as this is just a rumour and especially as it came from unnamed sources it can't be taken with any real substance. Either way, Blink does look to be something interesting and for now we will have to make do with the belief that it will arrive in March. If nothing else it should certainly at least be 2015.

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