Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge to be 'Limited Edition'?



When Samsung took to the stage during IFA 2014, they were primarily there to announce the new Galaxy Note 4, which we all knew was coming. However, they didn't leave it there, they announced an Oculus Rift-like VR headset, showed off their new watch-come-smartphone the Gear S and introduced us to the Edge, the Galaxy Note Edge that is. The new smartphone design from Samsung is practically a Galaxy Note 4 with, well, an Edge to it. However, it was a little more than that with some innovative users for this curved piece of AMOLED display on the right-hand side, like quick glanceable notifications or controls when watching a movie or something similar.


Unsurprisingly, it seems that the Galaxy Note Edge might be nothing more than a "Limited Edition Concept" from Samsung, or at least that's what Samsung Electronics' President, DJ Lee, has said. According to ZDNet Korea, during a Press Conference in South Korea, the company revealed that the Galaxy Note Edge would be launching in South Korea come October time, with Mr Lee saying that the "technology-intensive" Note Edge is more of "limited edition concept". This doesn't surprise us much, as Samsung was relatively tight-lipped on when the Galaxy Note Edge would be available worldwide, and now it seems that the device might not leave South Korea until early 2015, if at all.

As with last year's Galaxy Round, it seems that Samsung doesn't have enough faith in some of their more innovative products to ship them on a worldwide scale, or in any sort of large volume at all, For us consumers that's a big shame, as it means that we're unable to get our hands on the latest and greatest from Samsung, instead settling for the Galaxy Note 4 – which is still an excellent device, of course – which seems more of the same. With Samsung obviously capable of unique and fresh hardware designs like the Galaxy Round and the Galaxy Note Edge, what do you think is holding Samsung back from launching them on a global scale?

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