Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 And Note Edge: A Brief Rundown Of All The New Features

September 3, 2014 - Written By John Anon

With so much Samsung talk happening today it can be easy to get lost in the malestrom of releases and announcements and especially in regards to the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So here is a brief and quick rundown of all the new features announced today. First off, Samsung made a surprise announcement that the Note 4 will actually come in two varieties. Yes folks there are now two Note 4’s to wrap your head (and hands) around.

The first is the standard Note 4 which we were expecting and the second is the Note Edge. Both the Note 4 and Edge are relatively the same size with the Edge offering a 5.6-inch screen while the standard Note 4 slightly larger at 5.7-inches. Both come with the massive Quad HD (2560×1440) resolution and the much awaited Snapdragon 805 processor. However, what is notably different is the Edge contains a very attractive looking wrap-around feature. Basically, the Edge (presumably it’s called Edge because of this) has a lip on the side of the device that is part of the screen. An extension of the screen so to speak which allows users to see notifications, missed calls and updates without actually looking at the main screen. Nice huh!

What else? Well both devices finally have abandoned the traditional (and unpleasant) Samsung all-plastic style. Instead, both devices now contain a premium metal frame as had been previously rumoured. This will definitely improve the general look and feel of the product. The next interesting new feature is the introduction of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge feature which does what it says by charging the device at a rapid speed. Apparently the devices can half charge in thirty minutes with a full charge in a little over fifty five minutes. As well as the new rapid charge one might assume the battery life will be lesser on these devices and especially when considering the massive drain of the Quad HD resolution. However, Samsung are reporting that the battery life has been extended by 7% (compared to the Note 3) in spite of the crazy high resolution. The internal memory is also looking good with all variants offering 32GB and an additional external SD which will allow another 128GB to be used. Both the pen and camera have also been updated to allow more efficient and improved note and picture taking. The pen now allows users to pin notes to the homescreen and multitask between apps. In addition, the general sensitivity and tracking has been improved. In terms of the camera this has also been overhauled with Samsung opting for a Sony IMX240 sensor which will help in poor light environments and provide more stability when snapping. So there you have it folks, a brief, but detailed explanation of the main new features as we have them. If you are interested in buying the Note 4 or Note Edge then you will have to wait until October for the standard version and most probably November for the Edge.