Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 Can Charge From "0 to 50 in 30"

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Even with Samsung’s big unveiling today of the Galaxy Note 4, they kept one eye on the biggest complaint of users – the battery life.  Samsung has increased the size of the Galaxy Note 4 battery, but only from 3200mAh to 3220mAh – but claims their new design uses 7.5-percent less power even with the new QHD display.  This is all fine and dandy, however that battery is still going to drain – so what’s the other area they concentrated in…charging the battery.

The new Galaxy Note 4 can recharge its battery from drained to 50-percent in only 30 minutes – compared to the Note 3 needing 55 minutes to reach 50-percent.  No specifics were given how they accomplished this increase in speed, but part of it was accomplished with the help of the processor and also the 2-amp microUSB 3.0 charger and cable assembly.  I know with my own Note 3 experience, if I use the 2-amp microUSB 3.0 plug versus the normal microUSB 2.0 plug, there is an amazing difference in charging time.

The Galaxy Note 4 is a powerful device with a 5.7-inch QHD display, powerful processor and memory, capable of multitasking, video recording, watching movies or YouTube, and especially playing games – all of these tasks require a lot of power from the battery…read that as draining.  Samsung has incorporated every microchip technique available to them to help slow down the demand we put our batteries through.  To help keep the thin, 8.5mm, silhouette, and the device from being as large as a book, the battery can only be so large.  So they have to find ways to charge that battery faster for less down time or at the very least connected to an outlet – after all, we do not want to become a “wall hugger” like in Samsung’s commercial.

So what do you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so far?  Do you think that Samsung upped the device enough to make you want to take the plunge?  It does seem that Samsung concentrated more of making the device even better, without adding more gimmicky software tricks.  By concentrating on a slightly larger battery, 7.5-percent less drain, and faster charging, they may have actually accomplished something…please hookup with us on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think…as always, we would love to hear from you.