Samsung Tablet Catches Fire While Being Used By A 9 Year Old

So far it's not been the best month for Samsung. September actually started well for the Korean giant with their bi-annual launch event, Samsung Unpacked taking place. At the event it was expected Samsung would launch their new flagship device the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but then they surprised everyone by actually releasing two versions, the Note 4 and the curious Note Edge. Immediate reactions were good with the surprising Note Edge capturing everyone's attention and imagination with its curved screen. However, that's where the good times ended for Samsung in September. Since then there have been reports by South Korean analysts suggesting the Note 4 (both versions) are likely to underperform with only 11 million combined units (roughly the same as the Note 3) expected to ship by the end of the year. This was quickly followed by more reports from analysts suggesting due to the poor sales of the S5 (compared to expectations) coupled with the rise of newer Chinese smartphone manufacturers would result in one of the poorest quarterly profits (and overall sales) for the tech company.

If Samsung was hoping for some good news today then unfortunately they are going to be disappointed. News reports emerging from Georgia in the US explain that a Samsung Tablet mysteriously caught on fire while being used by a 9 year old boy. Andrew Walker was using the device at home when the device started making a "cracking noise" before suddenly catching on fire. Thankfully the noise scared the young boy enough to throw the tablet on the ground before it burst into flames and as such was not hurt in the incident. While on the floor, it seems the device continued to heat up before catching fire and eventually burning a hole in the carpet (shown above). Andrew's mother did contact Samsung to inform them of the situation and reports state Samsung replied by email advising they would be 'investigating' the incident.

To be fair to Samsung, reports on this are extremely limited at the moment and as such we have no detailed information behind the incident or why the device did catch fire. It is highly likely this is a sole incident and as such current owners should not worry too much. Accidents like this are very rare and again to be fair to Samsung, OnePlus had a similar incident recently when a OnePlus One exploded in a user's back pocket. There were no further incidents noted of other OnePlus One's acting the same way and by the same logic it shouldn't be expected that any other Samsung Tablet is likely to catch on fire. However, both the OnePlus and Samsung incidents are a warning to both consumers and manufacturers. The more high-powered and current-pulling batteries that are installed in smaller and thinner devices the more likely accidents like this could happen.

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