Samsung Releases The Gear S Tizen SDK

This morning Samsung has announced that the Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) for their newly revealed Samsung Gear S smartwatch. This will allow developers familiar with Tizen to create apps for Samsung's Gear S.

Samsung, in a blog post, has told developers that they will be able to include "enhanced standalone features", include "new sensor APIs", include "rich notifications", and "transfer data" in their Tizen apps for the Gear S.  All of these features will allow developers to create some pretty interesting apps for the Gear S. The blog post by Samsung also makes it seem like getting your Tizen app on the GALAXY App store will be pretty easy which is always a good thing to hear from a developer standpoint.

For those of you who are throwing your arms up in the air every time the word Tizen is mentioned in this article because you have no idea what it is, let me help you. Tizen is Samsung's "homebrew" operating system (OS) that they created for reasons that are still kind of fuzzy to the public. But needless to say it is an Android-like OS that is based on Linux Kernel, again, just like Android, that is on a handful of Samsung devices including the Gear S. Again, Samsung's purpose and plans for Tizen are kind of fuzzy but we are slowly seeing Tizen pop-up on a few of Samsung's devices. There have been many rumors since Tizen's announcement that Samsung eventually plans to compete with Android and iOS with Tizen, but when you look at that from a business standpoint it makes no sense. Android and Samsung need each other at the moment to stay afloat, Samsung moves tons of Android smartphones, and Android provides Samsung with a well-known OS to move said phones. Well that is pretty much all you need to know about Tizen and it's future, it's definitely an OS to keep your eyes on.

If you're a developer and the Samsung Gear S appeals to you as a platform for app development then be sure to follow the via link. This will take you right to the official blog post by Samsung that explains how to download the SDK to your computer and how to start creating your Tizen app for the Gear S.

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