Samsung Reassure Apple Users The Samsung Alpha Wont Bend



After last month with Samsung, HTC and ASUS taking continuous jabs at Apple and the launch of the bigger iPhones you may have thought the war was over for now. To be fair it was, however in the last couple of days Apple has encountered a few issues with their latest flagship devices. The first issue was the problem with their iOS 8 update with users complaining of battery drain, data loss and crazy data usage. However, in fairness this is a typical problem with Apple (and other platforms) updates when they update quite significantly.


More interestingly the other big problem that's been flooding the forums and giving Apple a headache is the affectionately named 'bendgate' or for the twitter trolls out there #bendgate. You must have heard of this recently? Apparently the new iPhone 6 Plus is able to bend. You might think 'Wow, that's cool'. Weill, it would have been if it was intentionally, but it is not. Instead, this simply seems to be a manufacturing error due to a combination of the thinness of the device coupled with the aluminium used. As a result, many Apple users are reporting the device unnaturally bending after simply being housed in their pockets. For those experiencing the problem Mobile Fun is selling a repair kit for this issue.

Someone who does seem quite happy about this is Samsung. If the Mobile Fun repair kit does not help then Samsung this morning are reassuring Apple fans that they can always come to Samsung. In a tweet by the UK branch of Samsung they show a picture of the Samsung alpha perfectly horizontal (and obviously not bent) along with the message "GALAXY Alpha + Skinny Jeans = No Problem". It just seems Samsung could not help themselves in reveling a little longer in the now infamous issue with the new Apple device. You may wonder why Samsung decided to use the Alpha as opposed to the new Note devices. Well, this is clear, the Alpha is actually slimmer than the iPhone 6 Plus (6.7mm compared to 7.1mm) and so this is a way to add further insult to injury. So if you are a current Apple user experiencing the problem then rest assured you can buy a thinner and non-bendable Samsung device at your local AT&T store from tomorrow.

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