Samsung Gear VR Available For Pre-Order At $250 Through UK Retailer


Last week at Samsung's launch event, 'Samsung Unpacked', we saw a number of Samsung's new offerings including the much awaited flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We also saw the unexpected launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge and the news of their second smartwatch, the Gear S. One of the other interesting launches is Samsung's take on the futuristic virtual reality (VR) market with Samsung's Gear VR device. For those of you that missed our previously reports on the Gear VR, in short this is a virtual reality unit which allows the users to play games and watch movies in a completely immersive experience. This was a collaboration between Samsung and Oculus (a start-up recently sold to Facebook and behind Oculus Rift).

The device itself consists of a head worn gadget which occupies the user's complete eyesight offering a full 360 degree viewing experience. The only caveat with the Gear VR is that it is not a standalone product and instead requires the new Galaxy Note 4 to function. Basically, the user removes the front of the VR unit and places the Note 4 inside attaching it via a small USB connector. The user then replaces the front of the VR unit which firstly holds the unit in place and secondly stops the user from looking stranger than they already do wearing such a unit. Once the Note 4 is connected the user can then play games, watch movies or other media enjoying the fully immersive experience. Although the device was officially launched last week, at the time we were unsure of its actual cost or release date. We had recently reported that the VR unit was expected to sale for $199.99. Although we can't confirm this as the US price right now the VR unit does seem to have gone on sale in the UK via who is a registered Samsung dealer. Currently, the Gear VR through MobileFun is only available as a pre-order and costs £150 or $249.49 if ordering for the US.


This price is slightly higher than what was originally expected, and as such we do not know for sure if $250 will be the US price or if Samsung will look to maintain the original $199.99 expected cost. Generally speaking, devices tend to cost a little more in the UK (when based on currency conversions) and as such it is possible the price in the US (once released) will be somewhere nearer the $200 marker. In terms of when, MobileFun do not currently list a despatch date and so we cannot advise of when you are likely to receive the unit but if you do want it on the date it is released then it very well may be worth pre-ordering. We have already seen Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch launch this week and sell out on the same day. If you are interested and want to guarantee your device then head over to MobileFun by clicking on the 'source' link below. Just remember you do need to buy the Note 4 as well.

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