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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is out and about in a few areas, but has not quite reached our little part of the world; but that doesn't mean we cannot read the User Manual we picked up on a website in the Netherlands.  The website, called the Galaxy Club seems to be 'all things Galaxy' and really has a lot of information packed into its site, dedicated only to the Samsung Galaxy line.  Even though we cannot get our hands on the new Galaxy Note 4 just yet, it is always fun to look through the manual to help ease the wait.  The User Manuals here are specifically for models SM-N910C, SM-N910CQ, SM-N910F and SM-N910H, but they are all basically the same...the English Version is HERE (PDF) and the German Version is HERE (PDF).

Some people find manuals rather boring, but I enjoy going through them BEFORE I actually receive the device - I am always anxious for my new smartphone to arrive and it seems to help me feel 'closer' to my new arrival if I can, at the very least, read about all of the features and how to use them.  I find that when my device finally arrives, I do a little 'dance' with it, refusing to open the box...I just want to savor the moment.  Then when I finally do open it, I want to admire its beauty, and then jump right into setting it up and start using it...the hell with the manual!

Back to the manual - I always like to peruse the Table of Contents first - it gives you a good overview on your device's features.  The "Getting Started" section is always the most boring section and I generally skip that one.  The section marked "Basics," is just that, a quick, basic overview of how to do a few interesting things, such as your screen layout, notifications, installing apps, entering text, how to capture a screen, power saving features, and so on.  If you are purchasing a Galaxy Note series, then you should be interested in the section called, "S Pen Features."  Here they discuss 'Air Command,' 'Action Memo,' 'Smart Select,' 'Image Clip,' 'Screen Write,' 'S Note,' 'Scrapbook,' and 'Using the S Pen' - these are some of the features that differentiate the Galaxy Note series from the other phablets.

The last two areas I get excited about are the "Motions & Usability Features," where you learn about the many 'hand gestures' and how to use the 'Multi Window' feature - one of Samsung's greatest strengths...they have the easiest and best multitasking feature of any phone, IMHO.  The last area I look at is the "Personalizing" area - one of the reasons we like Android so much.  Managing your home screens, setting up wallpapers, adjusting your screen lock, 'My Places," "Private Mode," and of course, setting up the "Finger Scanner" - all good stuff.

So have fun and let us know on our Google+ Page if you read the manual before you get your device, after, only when you run into trouble, or "I never touch the things!"  As always, we would love to hear where you stand on 'User Manuals.'

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