Samsung Chromebook Featuring Intel Celeron Bay Trail Processor Might Launch Soon


Chromebooks are selling like crazy nowadays. These affordable laptops with Chrome OS inside are a perfect companion for some people and enough of a laptop offering for vast majority of them. Chrome OS, of course, has its downsides, not being able to install full-fledged programs on the system itself is one of them. Chrome OS however offers a great experience for those who don't need to do video editing, programming or something that would require installing programs on it. This OS is basically based on Chrome browser which has a store full of extensions at your disposal. I could write all day about Chrome OS and its good and bad sides, but that would throw us far from the topic of this article.

We're here to talk about Samsung current Chromebook offering and an upcoming Samsung Chromebook 2. Samsung has been making Chromebooks basically since Google first released the Chrome OS. This Korea-based company does things a bit differently than the other companies though, Samsung uses its very own Exynos processor which is ARM-based while other manufacturers (Asus, Acer, HP, etc.) use Intel's chips. Intel's processors are superior when it comes to performance in my honest opinion and it seems Samsung started to realize that. Samsung is already selling the Samsung Chromebook 2, though it seems there's a new Intel-powered version of the device on the horizon. This new device has been popping up on several online retail stores. Samsung XE500C12-K01US is the device model in question and it sports a dual-core Intel Bay Trail processor which should offer significantly improved battery life.


Bay Trail processors aren't exactly the strongest ones Intel can offer, but they should be more than enough to run Chrome OS and everything you throw at them. The device will allegedly also sport 2GB of RAM (though we'll probably see a 4GB variant as well) and 16GB of internal storage. We're talking about a model which features 11.6-inch HD display (quite probably 1366 x 768 in resolution). This device should sell for about $250, though that's just an estimate. Do you own a Chromebook or have you ever handled one? If so, what are your thoughts on the device and the operating system inside of it?

Samsung Chromebook 2 Bay Trail listing leak

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