Samsung Allegedly Developing And Designing A Graphics Processor Unit


Samsung is a company of many talents. They have their hand in just about every form of technology and their brand can be found on pretty much everything from washers and dryers to the televisions in our homes and the smartphones in our pockets(or purses). They even develop a number of their own in house CPU's for use inside of some of their electronics, although they don't always use them for the same product in all regions. One area where they haven't really been dipping a toe into the waters is in the graphics department. At least, not publicly. According to the source, industry insiders familiar with the matter claim that Samsung is working on a GPU that is currently being developed and designed, and that they have most likely been doing so for a few years.

All things considered, this isn't too hard to believe, as Samsung is taking a more heavy handed and focused approach to gaming recently. Granted, gaming isn't the only area where GPU's are needed, but gaming is certainly where you see them referred to the most. As it stands right now Nvidia is easily the front runner when it comes to GPU's whether it be from a mobile standpoint or not. Intel and AMD are also in the GPU business though and they arguably make some great stuff as well. Interestingly enough, the source also claims that Samsung has acquired employees that had previously worked for these other three big names in GPU manufacturing, which would give Samsung a leg up in developing their own GPU as any prior knowledge and experience on would be a great toll to have at one's disposal.

Whether or not Samsung actually produces their own GPU in the future remains to be seen. It isn't an outlandish possibility but there is also no proof that Samsung is doing something in this field of technology. However it would probably be beneficial to do so as they could make it possible for themselves to rely less on outside parties, which might even end up being cheaper in the long run as they would be providing themselves with their own hardware.

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