Rumour: New Report Says HTC is on Track to Launch Android Wear Watch in Early 2015



It would seem that after the numerous Android Wear smart watch offerings at the IFA in Berlin, HTC aren’t quite sure of which way to twist. Ten days ago it was reported that the Taiwanese handset maker had decided to opt out of releasing its own device, a decision no doubt influenced by HTC’s precarious financial standing and the already congested smart watch category. This unconfirmed decision caused much anguish amongst its fans that were hoping for HTC would release a typically stylish design.

Today’s unconfirmed report says that despite being so late to the Android Watch party, HTC is still planning on releasing its wearable device, albeit at a later date than previously promised by Chairwoman Cher Wang, who had earlier envisaged a device launch by Christmas. It’s currently believed that HTC will only be releasing their Android Wear competitor in 2015. The sources said that HTC will be putting its own spin on the Android Wear program, quite what this means is unknown as yet, but its likely to pertain to the physical appearance of the watch rather than changes to the software. Naturally, HTC declined to comment on unsubstantiated news. As with all rumours and unconfirmed reports, this latest news should also be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

In some respects, HTC’s tentativeness is understandable. While it is busy developing its first generation of Android Wear smart watch, others like LG are already looking at launching the round-faced G Watch R, a follow-up to the rectangular G Watch.  This brings us to Samsung who is engaged on two fronts, offering smart watches with either Android Wear or their own proprietary Tizen software. Motorola has finally launched their distinctive looking Moto 360 and Asus has weighed in with its ZenWatch. If you have to absolutely nitpicky, even Intel has gotten in on the act with its partnership with Fossil to produce wearable device. Then there’s those chaps in Cupertino who showed off their own unique take on the whole smart watch concept that will also be launched in 2015.

For those of use that are still hoping against hope that HTC will surprise us with a smart watch at its upcoming October 8 event, its probably best we don’t hold our breath as sources have also said that this isn’t going to happen. You have to feel for HTC, while their strategy and marketing have improved over the last year or two, they are still not in the clear. Another wrong move could easily wipe out any and all progress they have achieved. That would be a sad thing indeed, as we the consumer need companies like HTC to keep the bigger players honest. Let’s hope that HTC can make a decision, and stick with it long enough to bring us a truly innovative smart watch with the design and panache that is prevalent in its handsets. Its still difficult to understand quite why HTC is so late to the Android Wear party although at least they can take solace that they won’t be the last. Who’s waiting for Microsoft to show how they will cram Windows 8 into a smart watch?

Were you hoping that HTC would be announcing a smart watch sooner than the proposed 2015 date? And has your head been turned by the other companies offerings? Let us know in the comments or at our Google Plus page.