Rumor: Nexus 9 UK "Carrier Launch" Expected October 24th


Now Samsung, Motorola and Apple's bendy phone have all had their time we can move on and get to the real good stuff. Over the last few weeks (and months) we have seen a number of interesting developments from HTC. These include the possibility of HTC Glass (Google Glass rival) and the now-expected launch of an HTC camera-attachment. However, the most rumored HTC announcement which has been circulating is that of the new Nexus device. All indications do point to HTC being the manufacturers behind the Nexus 9 tablet. However, the details are extremely sketchy with rumors constantly contracting each other. At present we are not even sure of the name with some suggesting it will be Nexus 9, Nexus 8 or maybe even the Nexus 8.9. The device has also been linked with the codenames Volantis and Flounder. It is also believed (using "believed" lightly) the device will come with an 8.9" QHD (2560 x 1440) display, will use a Tegra K1 processor and the RAM could be anywhere between 3 and 5 GB.

So what about when? Will, this is the biggest sticking point. Less than two weeks ago, a report by Phone Arena suggested the Nexus 9 (we'll stick with this for now) will be launched on October 8th at an HTC event. However, it seems more likely now that this event will focus on HTC's new camera ventures. Only three days later a tweet from Paul O'Brien (MoDaCo founder) advised that he had been informed an 'announcement' or 'launch' of the Nexus 9 will be on October 16th. To add to this, a few hours ago Paul O'Brien sent out a new tweet suggesting a UK carrier will launch the Nexus 9 on October 24th. Now if Paul is right and the Nexus 9 is 'announced' on October 16th then it is possible the device could launch in the UK eight days later. It can be assumed both Paul's tweets came from the same source (as the new tweet reads "my Nexus 9 source").With this logic if one is true it is (more) likely that the other is true too. It is worth remembering (only three days ago) we received a tip from an anonymous source suggesting UK carrier 'O2' are planning to launch the Nexus 9 (Nexus 8 as they list it) in November. If this suggestion (and Paul's tweets) are true then could another UK carrier be preparing to beat O2 to market? Or are O2 planning on bringing the launch forward to October 24th?


Either way with the rumors mounting the only thing that is clear is the Nexus 9…or 8…or 8.9 is coming and coming soon. All suggestions do point to October being the announcement month with the only real question being will it also be the launch month?


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