Rumor: Meizu MX4 Pro To Launch On October 26th

Meizu Mx4 1.4

Meizu has launched their MX4 flagship at the beginning of this month and the device has been selling like hotcakes since then. The company has sold over 7.7 million units and will even have some problems making enough devices in time considering the amount of pre-orders they received. The device is available in China starting from 1799 Yuan and internationally starting from $449 through Meizu’s official store. This China-based company even takes care of the shipping and the tax is included in the price, so no wonder they have sold so many devices already. Meizu intends to make a line out of the MX4 brand. Meizu MX4 Pro has been leaked many times in the last couple of months and recently we’ve even heard rumors Meizu is going to release the MX4 Mini in the near future.

This time around we have yet another Meizu MX4 Pro rumor for you, revealing alleged specifications and even a release date of this device. We’ve seen this specifications mentioned in previous rumors and October has been mentioned as well although we haven’t heard anything about the release date. This newest rumor coming from Weibo (Chinese social network) reveal that the device will be released on October 26th. They also say that the device will come with a 5.36-inch QHD (2560 x 1536) display along with 3GB of RAM and a magnesium alloy body similar to the one on HTC One (M8). The device will reportedly going to be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 5430 octa-core processor and will have a push fingerprint sensor on the front. 20.7-megapixel camera sensor will be located at the back of this device, the same one you can find on Meizu MX4. Please note that the featured image actually shows the Meizu MX4, not the MX4 Pro, though they could look very much alike (especially the back side of the phone) once the Pro variant launches.

We’ve already heard so many different variations of these Meizu MX4 Pro rumors that I quite frankly don’t know what to believe anymore. 5.5 and 5.4-inch display sizes were also mentioned and the latest rumors say this device will have a 5.36-inch panel like the MX4 but it will be a QHD panel and not the 1080p you can find on the Meizu MX4. 4GB of RAM was also mentioned at one point and now rumors stick to 3GB of RAM, which seems more likely. We’ve even seen different processors mentioned and lately rumors stick to Exynos 5430 as the processor of choice. I’m sure we’ll see more information before this device finally launches in October.