Rumor: HTC's Nexus 9 Could be Announced During Their October 8th Event



We've been hearing a lot about the Nexus 9, the apparent successor to the the Nexus 7, which is said to be made by HTC and to feature the NVIDIA Tegra K1. So far, things have been shaping up to a Fall release for the new Nexus tablet and aiming for the Holiday season certainly isn't a bad business decision. Now, we're hearing that the Nexus 9 could be announced during HTC's October 8th event, rather than by Google themselves.


PhoneArena has been told by a Portuguese source, which lines up nicely with the fact that HTC has a plant in the Portuguese-speaking land of Brazil, that the device is to be announced on October 8th, alongside their rugged camera accessory we've been hearing about. While the idea of PhoneArena being told by a Portuguese-speaking source sounds absolutely perfect, I am not so sure Google are content to let HTC announce a new Nexus product for them. Of course, it's wholly plausible that Pichai himself takes to the stage, but if we take a look at the last two Nexus tablets, Google did the honors themselves. Still, having a partner like HTC announce your product doesn't seem too bad an idea, it's just not something we can see Google doing.

Launching that time of year however, does make a lot of sense, and we have been hearing an October 9th date since late August, so it's clear that something is going to happen concerning this new Nexus and very soon. This is the right sort of time to launch an affordable tablet like the Nexus 9, with people looking to get their hands on new tech in the runup to Christmas. With NVIDIA onboard again, the 9-inch 2K tablet is shaping up to to be a device that gamers as well as casual users will really be able to get behind. Is HTC likely to announce it during their October 8th event? We'll have to wait and see, but it's more likely that Google will do the honors themselves.

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