Rumor: HTC To Keep The Launch Of The Upcoming M8 Eye To India And China Only

HTC's most recent ventures happen to center around devices that appear to be more focused on the camera, a feature that has become increasingly important to users with their smartphones. While the camera on the HTC One M8 is no slouch and it takes a decent picture, the 4MP Ultrapixel sensor just leaves a little something to be desired. Even with the duo camera there to help add some cool visual effects, it just can't replace the awesome quality images that come from using a better sensor. That is why we were excited to hear about the upcoming HTC M8 Eye, even though we don't really know much about the device just yet. Rumors have been swirling that it might be getting rid of the 4MP Ultrapixel sensor makeup and instead come with a camera sensor that uses a higher megapixel count, and still carries the duo camera on board, which we can only speculate at this point will have the possibility of taking a better picture than the M8.

While we don't really know any official details just yet about the device or what actual camera specs it will include, it seems that it may not matter in the end for users outside of India or China, which as of just this morning happen to be the two only rumored launch regions for the HTC M8 Eye. This rumor comes to us from @upleaks who also mentions that the M8 Eye will not contain an NFC chip inside, so while it may be possible that we may never see this device stateside, this is just a rumor for now so don't completely abandon all hope. Take things with a grain of salt, but also don't discount the possibility that the M8 Eye may only be released by HTC in those two regions.

As HTC Source is reporting the device is supposedly going to be called the HTC One M8 Eye when it is officially launched. It is rumored to carry, as we stated above, a 13MP camera sensor with the duo camera and LED flash on the rear like the HTC Butterfly 2, and be housed inside an enclosed metal body like the HTC M8, this year's current HTC Flagship device. A leaked press image of the HTC M8 Eye from today appears to show off the device as described, a metal body and a similar design to the HTC One M8, apparently listing in Chinese that the rear facing camera will in fact be the 13MP sensor with the duo camera we had heard about. We can't read Chinese so there's no way for us to know what the text on the image actually says, not to mention this is just a leaked image to begin with. What do you make of it? Post your thoughts in the G+ comments.

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