Rumor: DISH Eyes T-Mobile After Expressing Interest In Buyout To Deutsche Telekom

dish network

The acquisition between T-Mobile and their parent company Deutsche Telekom may be over between them and Softbank, but rumors have now started swirling that DISH Network may be looking into acquiring T-mobile from DT at some point in the future. There were rumors in the past that DISH had shown interest before, but now according to recent reports, an individual with close knowledge on the matter states that DISH’s CEO Charlie Ergen has apparently approached T-mobile parent company DT who is the majority share holder and owns near two thirds of the T-mobile brand, and has allegedly inquired about the potential purchase.

Now this wouldn’t be the first time that we have heard of DISH being in the mix, but the reports also state that DT has responded to Ergen kindly by saying that they might consider it after the upcoming spectrum auction that is supposed to be taking place later on this year in the month of November. T-Mobile has had a fairly extensive list of confirmed and unconfirmed suitors over the last couple of years, the most recent being French Telecom company Iliad, although the word is that both Deutsche Telekom and T-mobile turned down Iliad’s proposals.

This new suggestion that DISH may be considering the buyout now that Sprint is out of the running, is certainly interesting considering they would be entering into a completely new market as a corporation. Once the spectrum auction is over and DT potentially confirms their reciprocated interest in the deal, we might finally learn more details. As of now DISH has apparently not reached out to banks on advisement over the acquisition but we imagine we might not hear more about it until sometime after November. It is entirely possible however that if these statements are true, that DISH and Deutsche Telekom could come to an official understanding before the auction takes place, although how likely or unlikely that may be is uncertain. For now, it seems that a DISH/T-Mobile merger is just an idea that Ergen hopes to keep alive, until it might transform from an idea into a full fledged deal.