Pushbullet Adds New Channels Feature, Bringing You Alerts Across Devices


Here’s a cool new feature to make your day a little better. Or maybe just a little noisier, depending on how you look at it. Pushbullet, the desktop notification service that lets you sync all your device notifications on your computer, has rolled a new automated notification feature. Called Channels, the new feature works a bit like IFTTT, letting you set up automatic feeds that will push notifications to your devices when new information becomes available. You can create your own feeds or subscribe to existing ones, and then the Pushbullet service will send you notifications when new info hits those feeds.

It’s basically notifications for based on RSS feed updates. You could set up notifications for new articles from your favorite blog or website, and new YouTube or Vimeo video posts. You can set up alerts for basically anything online that has a URL or RSS feed. You can Channels to follow right from the new My Channels section on the Pushbullet website. You can even create your own Channels to share so that people can follow you. Pushbullet really did a good job making these new Channels easy to create and share with your friends.

The downside Channels is that your phone will be blowing up all day with new alerts. Every time your favorite website or Channel is updated, you’ll get a notification. You’ll probably want to keep your Channels to a minimum if you don’t want your phone going off all the time. There are a lot of ways to get notifications like this, whether it’s through IFTTT or simply Twitter SMS notifications, but Pushbullet has rolled out a pretty cool new feature that will push alerts to all of your devices at the same time. The Channel alerts also sync across multiple devices because that’s how Pushbullet works. It can save you from having to clear the notification on each of your many Android phones, tablets, and on the web.

You can check out the new Pushbullet Channels here, and roll your own Channels by logging in and then clicking your photo and going to My Channels. If you’ve never used Pushbullets or don’t know what it is, check out the app on the Play Store. Is this a feature that you’ll add to your daily routine?