Pocket Casts now Available on the Web! Listen to the AH Show from your Web Browser


Last week, we had heard that Pocket Casts had opened up their web player as a beta, so we immediately signed up. A few days later, we get our email from them letting us know it was live and we could now use it. So we've been spending the last 24 hours or so playing around with the interface. It's actually really nice looking and has all the features you could want. So now you can listen to the best Android podcast out there, The AH Show, from your web browser using Pocket Casts.

Pocket Casts syncs your account from your phone or tablet to the browser. So that you can have all your subscribed shows on your desktop, tablet and smartphone now. Pretty cool right? It doesn't give you a full blown player for listening to the podcast, but it does give you the controls at the bottom of the screen. Which I'd say is enough. As it is an audio-only podcast on Pocket Casts.


If you haven't already, head on over to play.pocketcasts.com and sign up to get in on the beta. And make sure you subscribe to "The Android Headlines show". We've been growing a lot lately, and we want you to be part of that. Pocket Casts is also available on Android and iOS, because not everyone uses Android exclusively these days. Pocket Casts has always been one of our favorite podcast apps, and it's great to see it coming to the browser now. You can sign up for a free trial now, or pay $9 for it. Which isn't a bad price at all. Seeing as the Android app is about $2, I'd definitely pay for that again.

How many of you already have access to the web version of Pocket Casts? How are you liking it so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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