Phones With Bigger Screens Are Increasing Popular Among Android Users


Smartphones with bigger screens are by no surprising standard capturing the interest of more and more users the world over. Some devices with screens that are near tablet size are even seeing a popularity increase in markets outside the U.S. like in Chinese regions, where 7-inch devices have built-in radios to allow connection up to local cellular networks and give the users the ability to place calls. While most of the device world that is interested in a bigger display will stick to something a little more around the size of 5 to 6 inches, as a whole people seem to be more intrigued with larger screen phones than some may realize.

Everyone will have their own opinion about what the sweet spot is for themselves, but a data analytics company by the name of Flurry went ahead to find out on a grander scale how much we like our larger screened devices. Overall, Flurry examined over 60,000 devices and found that phones containing a screen between the sizes of 5-inches and 7-inches made up six percent of the total number. That may not seem like a lot but compared to Flurry's findings at the same time in 2013, the number doubled up from the previous three percent, which although slight it does show that phones with bigger screens are growing on people.


The people that use phones with larger screens were also categorized as being heavier users. According to Flurry people that have phones with screen sizes ranging from 5-7 inches make up a total of eleven percent of all the phones examined during app use sessions. Flurry also states that they apparently read more books on their devices, similar to those that are using smaller tablets. This makes sense as the larger screens are easier to read, and therefore probably come out to a more enjoyable experience when reading. When narrowed down to just Android products, Flurry found that active Android users with screens between 5 and 7 inches have risen to eighteen percent, which was only seven percent last year during Flurry's same analysis. As we can do more from our phones, the need to have just a little bit more screen space has presented itself and people have been giving into it. This demand grew and OEM's began making larger screen devices to appease the consumer, and those that hadn't been making larger devices from the get go followed the trend to compete with other OEMs. While this is probably really no surprise to many of you, it's still interesting to step back and take a look at the numbers of something like this.

Android User by Device Screen Size

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