Pear Watchface Gives You A Little Taste Of Apple On Android Wear

Although my own personal opinions of this homescreen for the Android Wear interface are simply that it ruins and takes away the essential beauty of it, it's actually still quite amazing that someone was able to replicate the design and style of the Apple Watche's homescreen UI in such a short period of time. Then again it's just a watchface, so I'm not sure why I'm amazed that it could be created quickly. The Apple Watch was just recently unveiled and without a shadow of a doubt there will be people, legions of people flocking to stand in line and wait to get their hands(or their wrists?)on one of the available models once they officially hit stores. There were a couple of intriguing points about the Apple Watch, one of which is the bands and customization, the other was the homescreen interface.

The former is definitely more of a strong point for the Apple Watch as there will be thousands of customers who surely can't wait to put their own spin on their device and truly make it their own. That's the awesome thing about customization, it allows for one to really display their personality and taste. The latter, the Apple Watch homescreen interface, is.. interesting to say the least. It's designed in such a way that Apple says you'll be able to get to all your smatwatch apps more easily, although we're not sure how having a bunch of tiny little dots on the screen makes things so much simpler on a screen so small, but what do we know, we haven't tested it and it's entirely possible that it works very well. Whether you love or hate the design of the new Apple Watch interface, one developer by the name of UhrArt(who is actually the same developer behind the wonderful Wear Faces app for Android Wear)has created a similar looking homescreen for Android Wear devices, a watchface named Pear(because fruit)which gives your watchface the already iconic and well known user interface design of the yet to be officially released Apple Watch.

Like we stated above though this is just a watchface, so you can't interact with any of the icons. Perhaps you really weren't wanting that anyway and thoroughly enjoy the way we interact with Android Wear as is. If you were hoping that you could interact with the apps via the icons, sorry, you're out of luck, but hey, at least you can fool your Apple friends with it right? We all have our favorites and personal tastes when it comes to the watchfaces and homescreens we use for our Android Wear watches and Android devices. Does this one strike your fancy? Are you more partial to something that tells the time and date? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Would you use this?

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