These are all the Parts of the Moto 360


Ever wonder what was inside your smartwatch and what was on each layer? Well Motorola also showed that to us on the tour of their world headquarters yesterday in Chicago. The picture above shows each layer of the Moto 360 and what is there. It's pretty cool seeing all of the internal pieces of the Moto 360 laid out like this. Some of you may be interested while others aren't. But since Motorola took the time to explain how they came to the final hardware of the Moto 360, we thought we'd share some pictures with you. It's a bit different from what we normally do with a device launch. And I like that.

As you can probably tell, this is the one for the silver Moto 360, and our review unit is a black one. You can also see where the motherboard and processor are along with the display and the glass that goes over the display. Additionally you see all the other hardware there that makes the heart rate sensor and other features of the Moto 360 work, and that includes the Qi Wireless Charging. Which I think is a big deal with the Moto 360 as most of the other smartwatches don't have a standardized form of charging. It's a different cradle for each smartwatch. But that's a post for another day.


We've got lots of cool pictures like this that we'll be posting over the next few days and giving you some background about the pictures. As it is pretty interesting. And something you don't normally see with a new product launch. Make sure you check out our post from earlier about the first prototype of the Moto 360, and what the smartwatch would have looked like without the black bar at the bottom.

How many of you were able to order your Moto 360 before they were sold out this morning? Let us know in the comments below.

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