Paranoid Android Releases The Second Version Of Their 4.6 Beta ROM


Paranoid Android has been putting out some great work, and the most recent version of their ROM, PA 4.6 Beta 1 was released some few weeks ago, which introduced the new feature they called Dynamic System Bars. I have been personally using this version of the ROM on my Nexus 4 and loving it, that isn't to say that is was completely without its faults. There were a couple drawbacks that I was noticing, namely heavy battery drain, but that was something that the PA team addressed and acknowledged in their release notes and announcement so I was OK with that. Paranoid Android has just released their next update to the ROM, PA 4.6 Beta 2, and along with it we should see some good old fashioned fixes to improve the overall use of the ROM.

The first thing to note is that there have been some improvements and fixes made to Dynamic System Bars specifically, and surprise, surprise, PA has stated that they have gotten DSB's battery drain issue to improve. They also note that there is still some noticeable battery drain that goes on, but it's quite a bit better than before and overall compared to the last Beta version. That is a huge plus, and if you're currently running the Beta 1 version of PA 4.6, your excitement must be just as high as my own. What you should notice is things looking more fluid and seamless. There should be less hangup and stutter and the DSB animation side when entering into apps, bringing the design forward and making it look more polished.

One issue that I have noticed since the last update, is that when opening up the recents menu that was styled after Android L from a couple of Beta versions back, the recently opened app windows tend not to appear until I place my finger on the screen and drag up or down to cycle through them, or tap on the screen which inevitably opens up the app that I'm pressing of which I have no idea what it is. Hopefully this is something that has been addressed in this latest update, and as always I have high hopes as the PA team is excellent ad squashing bugs and little details like this one. The changelog can be found at the source link below at the G+ post from Paranoid Android if you're interested in knowing the main things they fixed or changed. This isn't a major overhaul, but everything is needed and should certainly improve the PA ROM on all fronts. You can also find all the download link

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