Oppo's N3 to be Built With Lithium? Other 'Lightest Metals'?


We've been hearing a lot about the Oppo N3 as of late, and it's no surprise that the rumors just keep on coming. With the Oppo N3 rumored to feature all sorts of crazy designs, a unique cooling system and of course a return to the swiveling camera that made the N1 stand out so much, it's already shaping up to be a pretty big launch for the Chinese manufacturer. Oppo is known for being one of the more adventurous Chinese OEMs when it comes to build quality. The Find 5 made a name for itself not only because it was one of the first on the market with a 1080p display, but also for its design and build quality, matching up to the big names found here in the West.

Now, it looks like the Oppo N3 is to be built out of some very interesting materials, indeed. Earlier, Oppo took to their official Weibo account to tease fans about the N3, specifically that the the device is to be built using some of the lightest metals in the world. The above teaser – which also takes some inspiration from the famous Breaking Bad logo – has a number of different metallic elements listed, including Lithium as one of the metals listed. Lithium is in fact the world's lightest metal in its standard form and also the least dense, however it doesn't seem like a great metal to create a smartphone out of. However, it's more than possible that Oppo has a supplier lined up that creates some sort of alloy from Lithium and other light metals.


One thing that devices made from metal, like the HTC One for instance, have that goes against them is a pretty hefty footprint. These metallic devices are often quite a bit heavier than say a Galaxy S5. It looks like Oppo wants to do away with that and focus on delivering a quality handset without the associated weight that goes with it. Hopefully, we'll find out exactly what the Oppo N3 is and what it's made out of in the next couple of weeks or so.

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