Oppo N3's New Cooling System Shown In An Image

Oppo is a Chinese manufacturer which is rather popular in its home country. The company got under the spotlight internationally with the Oppo N1 smartphone they launched a year ago. That thing was very well built and had a weird looking rotating camera on top of the device which was the device's front and rear-facing camera. The packaging of the device was also quite nice as far as I remember and the company left a good impression all around. The device was solid performing and it caught the eye of many people all around. Now the company is preparing to launch a sequel it seems, not the Oppo N1 but the Oppo N3 for some reason. We've already seen it leak in 2 version, the first version is rather odd and quite frankly I don't think that will happen, it looks... not good in my humble opinion, the best way I can put it. The camera on top of the device just looks out of place and it's not something that I'd buy, I bet there are those of you who feel differently though, as always. The second render on the other hand looks more natural and I believe this is a more probable design for this device. It looks sleek and in place while the camera fits nicely with the body of the device.

We're not here to talk about the device's design alone this time around. Chinese social network Weibo is always a good source of leaked material when it comes to Chinese phones, this time as well. If you take a look at the picture below you'll see what is allegedly a new cooling system Oppo has developed for the upcoming Oppo N3 smartphone. This piece of technology will allegedly manage to keep device from getting hot by lowering the temperature of its components as they increase. The cooling material allegedly increases heat conduction which should help with the process significantly. We still don't know how exactly this works, so this may be a bit off, we didn't exactly get much information but should know more soon. If Oppo wants to keep up with N1's launch and not miss its schedule we should see this device unveiled soon and the latest info claims the device will launch at Oppo's October 15th event in Singapore. Still no word on its specifications either.

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