OnePlus Announces Upcoming Pre-Order System To Begin With A Planned October Launch

The OnePlus One has been met with many positive and negative reactions from consumers and followers, both for the phone and for its fledgling brand, most notably because of the invite system. Sure there were a few other things that they initiated that weren't exactly... good choices so to speak, but those times are over and here's to hoping that we can move past them without having similar situations like that pop up in place down the road. For now, back to the invites. Ever since launch the only way to really get a hold of a OnePlus One has been to purchase it via the invite system. As weird as it may sound to anyone that is reading about the OnePlus One for the first time and has no idea what the invite system is, OnePlus basically had a limited amount of stock and to counteract an influx of purchases and not being able to meet demand, or from having too many devices produced and not selling them, they sent out invites which was the only way you were able to place an order for the device, and this allowed them to control how many devices were made and shipped out.

The Invite system made a lot of once interested users very displeased and rightfully so, but we also understand why OnePlus had the invite system in place. Whether we agreed with it or not is another story. All that aside, the invite system from the eyes of most users and consumers as well as the media was not a good idea, and yet, OnePlus feels that it "was a blessing." Again, whether we agreed with it or not is not the issue, and for clarification sake, we think they could have done without it, but we understand why OnePlus implemented it. Limited stock and controlling the flow of device production vs profit loss.

The good news for anyone that is still interested in the OnePlus One is that OnePlus has announced on their blog today that they will be planning to launch their next phase of phone sales, which is the pre-order system. Say goodbye to invites next month if all goes according to OnePlus's plan. The pre-orders are certainly better than the invites, and as it states on the blog post over at the OnePlus forums, when they launch the pre-order system there will be a limited time window for which you can place an order and devices will be shipped out immediately if they have stock in. If the stock gets depleted within that time window than OnePlus is committing to shipping the device at its earliest available date, which they say they will always give the best approximation on before you authorize your payment during the order. Even after you place it, OnePlus states that they'll reserve the payment until the item ships. So to recap, during the limited time window after the pre-order system comes into play, if you order and stock is available the device goes out immediately, if OnePlus has no stock of the device only then are you essentially paying for an actual pre-order. Anyone saving up to buy? If so, keep your eyes peeled as we'll let you know when the pre-order system is supposed to officially begin.

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