Nexus 9 Confirmed By NVIDIA as HTC Device With Tegra K1


Over the last few months we have heard an abundance of rumours about the future of Nexus and what devices are to be released. One of the most interesting has been the Nexus 9 which also (according to the rumours) goes by the codenames T1, Volantis and Flounder. The most recent developments have suggested the device will be manufactured by HTC. In terms of the specs (the rumours suggest) the device will include an 8.9" Quad HD screen with 2560 x 1440 resolutions. The device will be loaded with 4GB RAM (some say 5GB although highly unlikely), an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, a 5MP rear camera and a smaller 1.6MP front shooter and 64GB internal memory. Not only this, but due to the rumoured post-October release date it is also expected to launch with Android L pre-installed.

Well, it now seems the rumours can be well and truly put to bed. Hidden within what seems to legal documents filled by NVIDIA is a clear and distinct referencing to the Nexus 9. NVIDIA filled a complaint recently with the International Trade Commission (ITC) claiming that Qualcomm and Samsung had infringed on their GPU technology. As a quick recap NVIDIA claim that Samsung devices which use Qualcomm chips are infringing on their technology patents and are asking for immediate removal of all such devices from sale within the US.


However deep within the complaint is the most appetising sentence "The HTC Nexus 9, expected in the third quarter of 2014, is also expected to use the Tegra K1". This can leave no doubt. Not only will we definitely be seeing the Nexus 9 this year but it will be made by HTC (as rumoured), it will contain NVIDIA's Tegra K1 and it will be available in the third quarter of 2014 which is literally now. Whether it was an intentional move to include this sentence or whether this was simply a slip-of-the-tongue (so to speak) is unclear. Either way, the message is loud and clear and has certainly been received. The HTC Nexus 9 with Tegra K1 processor will hit the market very soon. So there you have it folks, the Nexus 9 (aka T1, Flounder, and Volantis) is a go. Its on its way, will come stamped by HTC and will contain a Tegra K1. If you want to confirm this yourself, than you can read the full complaint where the reference is made by clicking here. The HTC reference is towards the bottom of page 41. Unfortunately as this is not an actual official confirmation we have no details yet on price and so I guess this is where the new rumours can now focus on.

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