A New Notifications Tab Has Been Added To Android YouTube App

Youtube has a new little feature that has made viewing notifications that you receive on your phone much easier. The update is only for the Android version of the Youtube app and has recently popped up. Before this new tweak was added, when notifications were enabled on your phone you would receive an alert anytime something new was added. Most of us would see it and swipe it away with intentions of viewing it later. Now, instead of having notifications pop up on your phone, YouTube has made a dedicated tab in their Android app that stores all of your notifications that you receive. All you have to do is click on it to view your entire notifications history and won't have to worry about accidentally swiping away a new YouTube alert and not being able to find that video later.

The new tab is located where the rest of the tabs are in the YouTube app just under the Upload button. Now keep in mind that notifications will continue to pop up on your phone. The only difference now is that all your YouTube notifications have a home to stay at until you get around to them. Another little tidbit of information about this new feature that YouTube has added is that not everyone has the tab yet. I've checked on my phone for the tab and I currently have it. YouTube is still probably dropping this update around to everyone so you'll have to wait as they continue to add this feature to everyone else.

The notifications tab that YouTube has added is a pretty handy feature. For me personally I like having it because I always dismiss an interesting video that shows up in my notifications tab with the intentions of going back later on and searching it up. But with my busy schedule, I'll forget all about it. Now when I dismiss any new YouTube notifications, I can go to the new tab and check out what I've missed out on. If you happen to be one of the lucky people that has received this tab, let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below. I have also added some screenshots from my phone so you can see what the tab looks like and whats inside when you open it.


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