Netflix is Bringing "Post-Play" Feature to Chromecast

netflix ah 1

I never thought that I would be a ‘binge-watcher’ of a TV program, but I guess Netflix is getting what they hoped would happen – network customers are more willing to watch their ‘Netflix Original’ series programs than stick with the original network shows.  I am ashamed to say that even if there is a beautiful evening outside, my wife and I will sit on that couch and watch several episodes in a row – on a Saturday night we stayed up until 3 AM because we couldn’t stop watching ‘The Killing’ – damn it we had to find out who the murder was!

It’s not just me, but people I know with doctorates will do the same thing – it seems to have nothing to do with education, what income bracket you belong in, your age, your race, your gender – anybody can become afflicted.  I guess it is that old ‘curiosity’ thing going on…especially a good mystery, where you cannot wait to find the ‘whodunit.’  Netflix is the best $9 a month we ever spent – we ALWAYS find something to watch, and many times, binge-watch.

Netflix is always updating their app – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  Their new “Post-Play” feature is one that falls into BOTH categories – it makes it so easy to sit on your couch or in your recliner and do NOTHING and the next episode will automatically start…just by doing NOTHING, and believe me, people love doing nothing.  As I grow older, doing nothing is at the top of my list – so when I have a choice to do something, I usually choose to do nothing – especially when the next episode of my favorite show for the day will automatically start a new episode for me.

This feature has been on my Smart TV app for a while and they added it to the Android app in June, but if you cast Netflix to your TV via Chromecast, you were out of luck using the “Post-Play” feature.  Fear no longer ye friends of doing nothing…according to the Netflix Blog, they tell us that Chromecast’s Netflix will be updated in a few days to allow the “Post-Play” feature – only using your smartphone or tablet – the PC version will be coming soon after.  They were even smart enough to add more time before the next episode begins to allow you time to grab your tablet or smartphone to stop it from proceeding.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you use Netflix and if you like the “Post-Play” feature…as always, we would love to hear from you.