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The popular iOS Music Discovery App, WhoSampled, has finally come to Android as a free download.  With over 271,000 tracks from over 95,000 artists, it is the world's largest database of sampled-music, cover songs and remixes.  WhoSampled will highlight just how influential music from the 1990's is affecting the music in 2014.  The App looks at the 'DNA' of a song and picks it apart to see where it originated.  It's no secret that most creative forces are cyclical and music is not exception.

Music is evolutionary and writers and producer are continually recycling the 'oldies' and raiding their parents' record and CD collection, looking for inspiration for that next big hit record.  Most new artists of today draw their inspiration from singers of the past that they grew up listening to and admiring – greats like Whitney Houston and Wu-Tang Clan, as well as dance floor anthems by Snap! and Robin S.

The sample hierarchy of the app begins with Music and under it are the big three categories – Sampled, Covers and Remixes.  Under Sampled we have Pop on one side and on the other we have Rock and Punk and Electronic and Dance.  Under Covers, we have Jazz and Hip-Hop.  Under Remixes, we have World and Classical and we have Soul, Funk or Contemporary.


Type in a singer's name and WhoSampled will list all of the Samples that appear for that particular artist or a particular song, the number of Remixes and who Covered the songs.  You can then compare the new song to the original, side-by-side – you can even listen to the entire song and even see on YouTube, if applicable – then share your findings with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can even buy the music from third parties vendors with one click.  App Users can even add to the database by submitting new remakes or covers to WhoSampled team of reviewers and once verified, your findings will be add it to their extensive database.

This App doesn't just glaze over a sample, but gives you highly detailed information – the App will let you pinpoint where the sample was used and compare it to the original.  There are unique music charts that show a variety of things, such as, the all-time most influential artists and tracks.  You can become engaged with the WhoSampled community from within the App and comment on or rate any entry in their database.

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Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know if you are using WhoSampled and how you like it…as always, we would love to hear from you.